Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How much effort is needed?

In my college there is an Oral Speech class that was giving five minute speeches regarding preparation of meat in our country.  Accompanied by their speech these students had to fill out a 3-way poster board with information to help cue them from topic to topic.  All of these poster boards were stretched up and down a common hallway for other students to view and admire their hard work. 

As I walked by, two poster boards caught my eye, one poster board was bright, well written, and neat. 

The second poster board got me thinking WOW if this student gets a great grade I'd be surprised and jealous.  Without knowing the student, I would say this student asked their three year old child to make and decorate their poster board.  It was just plain sloppy.  Take a look for yourself, I mean c-mon dude, how can you live with yourself creating such a incomplete poster board?  Am I being too judgemental?  I think I'm more upset because I'm sure this student still got a passing grade...

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  1. this is college level work??? holy cow. I am appalled actually.
    If I didn't know this bit of information, I would have thought it was both grade-school...the top project was a student whose parent helped out, the lower was the student whose parents didn't help at all...
    I don't mean to be judgmental about it but....what is happening to our school system??