Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hoop: Polio and DPT

So I've decided to start blogging about some of the hoops I have to jump through as a student.  There have been many up to this one, but I don't have the time to write them all out.  So I'll start with this most current.

I have been accepted into the nursing program of my choice since June, about 3 months.  I plan to start classes the 3rd week in January.  As a way of keeping up with each student the advisers send reminder emails to the students about anything that still needs to be taken care of.

My email came to me a few weeks ago, stating that the vaccination record I had submitted to the office still didn't have my Polio and DPT on file.  I quickly scanned through my copy of paperwork I turned in and sure enough nothing was submitted.  So I called my mom and asked if she had a copy of my immunization records and she promptly told me no.  Up to this point in my life she didn't think she needed to keep a copy of my records.  (Hummmm mom isn't on the ball on this one)  So I contacted my advisor again and told her the situation, and she suggested to see if my doctor's office from when I was a child would have a copy of my records.  So again I consulted my mom, who had a fountain of information this time regarding my doc's name, my medical record number, and the telephone number to the doc.'s office.  (Wow, my mom is back on the ball.)

I call the medical records dept and come to find out that 7 years after the patient is seen in their office they DESTROY all their records.  WHAT??  What about the surgery I had when I was 5 years old, all that info is gone!  I was devastated.  I emailed my advisor and told her the deal that my records have been destroyed.  And she said, well she wasn't too concerned about the Polio, but for sure the DPT was going to be a problem.  I asked if it was going to cost me my spot in the nursing program and she wasn't sure.  Oh no!

Then I called my mom again, and she suggested trying the school district's main office and asking them if they had a copy of my immunizations from when I entered Kindergarten.  (Again this woman is amazing, I am so grateful to her!)  I never would've thought to do that.  So I called up my school district of a medium sized city and thought the system would be overcrowded with people bogging things down and that it would be weeks before I'd be able to find out what I needed.  To my surprise the lady got back to me that same day with the records I needed.  Proudly I ran up to my adviser's office and handed her the needed records showing all of my shot series for the DPT and the Polio series.  I was sooo excited that day I could have floated off on cloud 9. 

What have I learned through all this??  That I should run out and make copies of my children's HIM records and Immunization records and file them somewhere safe, so that when they come to me when they're 33 years old I can be ready and prepared to hand them what they need.

Nothing is going to stop me from getting to the end goal.  It just seems that with each new day there is inevitably some hoop to jump through almost as a test of how bad I really want this.  It makes me think that the devil is behind making my path a rocky one.  But I will, by the grace of the Almighty get to the finish line!  Amen amen amen.

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