Friday, October 8, 2010

Crockpot Lasagna

So I tried my hand at making Crockpot Lasagna (thanks for the idea Ange) and it turned out awesome!!  Very tasty, wasn't watery or greasy at all.  Kids and husband all liked it.

First brown hamburger meat, I used 93/7.

Next I immersion blended the spaghetti sauce for the wierdo's in my family who don't like the chunks (me and my son) and add the browned hamb. meat to the sauce.

Then mix up the 2 eggs, ricotta cheese and shredded cheeses you prefer.  I used a pizza blend and mozzarella.

Then start layering it in your crockpot with your sauce first, then noodles, then cheese mixture.  Keep adding layers until desired amount.  I went as high as an inch before the rim.

Here is my finished product after cooking for 4.5 hours on high and 1 hour on low.  Everything was cooked evenly and tasted wonderful.

I serve mine in a bowl.  Enjoy!


  1. love it! ;0) I can't wait to try it. My crock pot is smaller but it looks fun!

  2. It was very good says Jason

  3. What kind of noodles did you use. Lasagna noodles or just regular macaroni. How many cups of noodles etc.

  4. I used Lasagna noodles and I only used about 3/4 of a regular sized box. Good luck Anonymous!
    Thanks Jason. I hope it tastes good Dominique.