Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BFF (Day 8)

8 - Who’s someone that you used to be really close to, but you’re not anymore?
I have a girlfriend that I used to be best of buds with starting in 7th grade and her name is the same as mine “Zazzy” so we’ll call her Zazzy-2.  She only lived 1 block away from me.

We were pretty opposite, for example she had crazy beautiful blond hair while I had brown frizzy hair.  She was loud and outgoing, I was a loud-mouth and not as outgoing.  She had a beautiful filled-out body with curves that made all the boys drool while I had a thin boney stick figure not attracting much. 

Zazzy-2 came from a troubled home, while I did not.  Once high school started Zazzy-2 quickly found drugs and drinking an easy outlet for her.  She moved away from my neighborhood in 10th grade to the suburbs and things only got worse.  We tried to keep in contact through the years but were always at different stages in life and not able to have much in common except reliving the past fun we shared with each other (which could only be relived so many times).

What was sad about the whole situation was that even though my dear girlfriend Zazzy-2 committed her life to Christ in 8th grade, sitting on the living room floor of my childhood home, praying the prayer of salvation with my mom.  She struggled to live the life God called for her, seemingly condemned to live the same broken life her mother had. 

After talking to her the last time over a year ago, I got sick of the same drunken talk with the poor me outlook and decided that her lifestyle wasn’t healthy for me anymore.  I wrote her a LONG letter explaining that I feared for her and her children’s lives, if she didn’t get help, clean up, and get sober.  I only heard through the grapevine that she quit smoking and cut back on her drinking and that she was engaged. 

I think about Zazzy-2 quite often and send up a little prayer that things even out in her life. That she comes back to Christ to rely on his forgiveness and strength for her life to be more in-tuned with what His plans are for her.  I pray that God heals her and transforms her life and the next time I see her is happy, healthy, and full of positive energy.


  1. I've had friends like this and have probably been a friend like this in the past. Sometimes the healthiest thing to do is let them go, you cannot save or change people until they want to do it themselves.

  2. I have a friend exactly like this. it's hard to watch someone be so careless in their decisions and it's even harder to know when to walk away from them.

    I still check in on her through her mom and mutual friends but she has yet to reach out to me or clean up her life. I'm hoping one day the reply from her mom and friends will be different.