Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chocoate Room (Day 5)

5 - What’s in your bed right now? Take a picture of your bed.

A few years ago I took a trip to Minneapolis with my daughter to visit my parents.  While I was gone on this trip my hubby, his cousin, and my son decided to make-over our bedroom.  Previously the walls were light green (calming) with a rose patterned bedspread (hubby hated this).

I came home to a rich light brown color on the walls, chocolate bedding on the bed, and matching chocolate curtains with beads hanging from beautiful golden brushed curtain holders.  I had a matching lampshade beside my bed on my nightstand that was the focal point and inspiration for the room said my hubby.  I love it to pieces; each and every bit of the detail is handpicked by my hubs.  Isn’t he dreamy??

Either way, my bedroom is off limits from most people including family because it is NEVER clean!  But each and every night I step into a beautiful comfortable getaway and drift off into a chocolate blissful night.  Also the curtains are so dark they help to block out the morning sun allowing for a few extra minutes of uninterrupted shut eye.


  1. how sweet!

    btw, your bedroom colors are the same as mine! I alternate with seafoam blue or lime green accessories (throw pillows, facecloths rolled up etc) depending on how i feel. ;)

  2. Light brown is definitely a calming wall color. I'm a fan!

    I once had a boyfriend who tried to do the "calming light green" bedroom color, and I swear, Zazzy, that room glowed in the dark. GLOWED bright, neon green in the dark! Haha...I know your bedroom probably didn't resemble Kryptonite, but I always think of his room when people say, "light green bedroom." :)

  3. I know I love the color! He done good!

  4. CC-Great minds think the same!

    Red-I love the brown color, I really feel like I'm slipping into a warm sea of sleep when I go into my bedroom.

    Dome-He did do good!