Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who Will My Child Marry (Day 3)

3 - What’s something you think of all the time, but never say out loud?

Many times I sit and wonder what my kids’ spouses will be like.  I know my kid’s very well and I know what upsets them and while I know they’re children, I often let my mind drift to when they become adults. 
I want my kids to be happy and that they marry someone who brings them happiness.  I want someone who my kids can relax, let go, and lively peacefully with.  I don’t want to see my kids hurt or at my doorstep through every bad argument.
I try to spend a lot of my prayer time for my kids to find upstanding, Godly, and loving spouses.
I don’t say much of this out loud to my kids because they look at me like I’m nuts, but the best I can do for each child is cover them with prayer and allow God to lead their lives.


  1. Whomever they marry, they are now living on this earth, so you would do well to pray for their well-being :)

    Something that C.H.Spurgeon said more than a hundred years ago. I found his quote in a book when I was only 18 in my first year of college...and I took it to heart.

    Eventually at age 50 - I ran into my husband....and only by the grace of God did he survive up 'til that point.

  2. You are so true in giving me that quote to think about. Praying for their well-being would be ideal. Amen and congrats on finding your hubby later in life, God is good!