Friday, September 2, 2011

Kids' First Day of School-Fall 2011

My kids started back to school yesterday morning and I was up by 5:05am starting my chocolate chips cookies in the oven.  What better way to wake up on the first day of school than to have the aroma of fresh baked cookies being baked just for you. 

Then I cooked up some bacon, eggs, and served them on a biscuit for each kid.  My goal was to be healthier this fall and yet we were fresh out of fruit, so we did without. 

Oh well… then I explained how proud I was of them and got a quick picture of both of them before I headed out to drop them off. 

I was worried for my daughter the most.  She is a freshman in senior high this year and even I was quite scared driving past the monster of a school when I dropped her off.  First off, I didn’t even know where to park so I slowed down in an area where there wasn’t much traffic and she jumped out.  As I continued down the street there was an ordinance control officer in his van who was writing something down while eyeballing my license plate.  This is what was running through my head c-mon man, it’s the first day of school and am I going to get a ticket over this?  He didn’t stop me and I’m praying no tickets get mailed to me. 

On the way to taking my son to his school I nearly started shedding tears.  I was surprised by this because him being my youngest and heading into 6th grade, you’d think my sappy crying days on the first day of school were over.  So I chuckled to myself and when he asked what was so funny I said “I think I’m choking up about you going to school”.  He laughed and said “oh mom”!
After the kids came home, they both reported they had a good day.  My son who loves to talk out every detail of his day (kinda like me) started from the beginning and ended with the fact that he broke up with his girlfriend he had over the summer at the end of the school day.  He said they didn’t have much in common anymore and that they didn’t keep in touch during the summer so he’s done dating her.  Phew, 5th grade romance can be so hard!  J
My daughter who would rather not mention all the details of her day, hit on the high points and low points including the fact that the upper classmen don’t get to leave campus during lunch until the second week of September, so there was minimal seating and although she found her friends to sit by, she was forced to sit on a space that was about 5” wide.  Either way she said she thinks she’ll be enjoying her classes and the smaller class time. 
Like my mom said, one year started means one year closer to the finish.

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