Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What to-do first?

My semester is ending next week Thursday and my list of things to get done is long.  At least the sun is shining and it’s finally warm outside today, even if I’m spending 10 hours of it indoors working…

Zazzy’s to-do list:
-Call financial aid office (where no one knows how to do their job and I’ve gotten tons of different answers from everyone regarding my summer financial aid.  UGHH, since when is working in a financial aid office of a university a minimum wage job?)
 - Post my last comment in the discussion section for my class online tonight and respond to two others posts. (I actually posted too early and was asked to post something new when the discussion week officially opened, since when is it a crime to be ahead of the game?)
 - Fill out my “Final Self Evaluation” form for my acute care clinical area in the hospital. 
 - Finish a few ?’s on a take home final for my Ethics class due Tuesday.  (I’ve enclosed a picture of the Aesthetic “Art” project we were expected to work on throughout this week.  It looks like a toddler could draw better than me; we were supposed to use our non-dominant hand to complete this project.  Nice huh?
-Study for my 240 Foundational final scheduled for Monday.  (I totally rocked the 20 minute head-to-toe assessment on my partner for the skills lab final section last Friday.  Also I rocked the correct documentation section with a score of 96/100.  I guess I was repetitious with my questions and I should’ve done my heart and lung assessment combined instead of separately to save time.  Either way I’m glad it’s over and I’m done until fall.)
-Study for my 245 Pharmacology final scheduled for Thursday. (I’m quite worried about this one and will have to study my butt off, yikes!)
-And lastly, fill out the heavy amount of paperwork for the big hospital job I accepted last week.  I have a drug test on Thursday and physical with lab work along with getting my picture taken for my ID badge coming up on Wednesday next week.)

You may have asked yourself why I changed my profile picture to a view of the back of my head. Well, besides it being a beautiful view, I just wanted to have a lasting memory of my long hair before I get it cut a week from today.  I may or may not post a picture of the new cut, just depends on if I like it.


  1. Exciting as school ends and a new job starts.
    Why the hair cut? And don't worry about the drug test for the new job, if you stop using in the next few days you should test clean.

  2. Good luck on your last few days of the semester and your new job! :D

  3. LOL to NP Odyssey! I was going to comment about the drug test too! Your hair is gorgeous...please post pics afterwards!

    It sounds like a lot is going on, but it's all very exciting! It's ironic, but I also got an incompetent reply from financial aid What's up with that? Maybe they're just overwhelmed right now and can't think straight (I HOPE!)?

  4. Oh NPO what would I do without your humor...hardy.har.har.har! I will not have problems during the drug test today because I don't partake in that kind of thing. The haircut is much needed, I usually don't keep my hair this long and it feels like another person is sitting on my shoulders. It's beginning to take over my life... :-)
    Kendra - thank you for the "luck", I'll take all I can get with these dreaded finals next week and the start of my new job.
    NH - where have you been man? Thanks for the "luck" too.
    Red - Isn't that NPO super funny?? Like I said if my hair turns out to be a big flop, I'll be without pictures until I like it again. Financial aid office workers suck, they just don't realize how intricate of relationship we have with them and that they can't just jerk us around with empty promises or half truths. I can't imagine they're overwhelmed, this is the only time they actually get any work done is when we call with questions. Maybe I'd be humbled to walk a mile in their shoes but I doubt it.

  5. oh my, you have lots to do! busy busy busy. good luck in your finals! just study as much as you can and i'm sure you'll do great. i would suggest getting together with a study group that always helps me. and your long hair is beautiful by the way! :)

  6. I see you lost all your old comments from the blogger outage.

  7. Grace - SUPER busy and overwhelming but will soon be over. Thank you for the compliment on my hair.

    Anonymous - Oh my goodness, what am I to do? How do I recover those comments?