Saturday, May 21, 2011

Haircut, Dinner, and a Yeehaa

I recently got a hair cut and totally love the feeling of all my hair gone and off my neck!
Here are my before pictures:

Here is the hair on the floor:

Here are my after pictures:


A few of these after photos were taken last night at Texas Roadhouse.  Has anyone ever eaten at this restaurant?
First let me tell you that their food is fantastic and the moment it hit my mouth the food brought a smile to my face..Yum!  Second the place is super cool in the sense that they bring you a bucket of peanuts and you can either dispose of the shells in the empty bucket they also bring to the table or on the floor.  And of course my son was chucking the shells left and right on the floor because he doesn’t get the chance to do that at home.  Once he even hit the waiter. 
Shells on the floor
Here is picture of what I ordered, pulled pork with baked potato, and green beans.  The cinnamon sugar butter they served prior to the meal with rolls was to die for.
My dinner

Menu cover

Third I don’t know if this Texas Roadhouse we went to in central Wisconsin just does this or if all of the Texas Roadhouses do it but while we were there a few people where celebrating birthdays and after the wait staff sang their catchy tune they followed it up with a “Yeehaa”!  Nothing screams stereotype of Texas than yelling Yeehaa, big belt buckles, and tall cowboy hats, all of which I can’t say that I experienced while living down in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  So this tradition that Texas Roadhouse maintains is quite puzzling and possibly insulting to those who live in Texas and don’t shout Yeehaa when someone turns a year older.


  1. Your hair looks very cute!

    There is a Texas Roadhouse by my house now. I will have to go try it! I will think of you when they start yelling their Yeehaas :)

  2. I love your hair! We had almost identical before hair (long, curly) and although mine is a few inches longer than yours now, I'm blowing it out straight and it has layers too. Yay! I just tried to take some pictures of myself, and I discovered that I'm not coordinated to do the camera in front of the face move that I see other bloggers do. So...yeah. Regular picture with a blotch over my face it will have to be! I'll try to put it up tomorrow :)

  3. Cute hair! AND I LOVE Texas Roadhouse!

  4. Love the new hairdid! It looks great!

    TX Roadhouse has been a favorite of mine for at least 10 years, if not closer to 15. There is one where I grew up, plus there has been one within driving distance of everywhere I've lived ever since. We just ate there last Sunday, actually. And my hubz and I had our first date there many moons ago. I never turn down a chance to eat there!

  5. Looks good short, but it looked good long too.
    First I've heard of Texas Roadhouse, but now I'm hungry.

  6. Love your new look! It's super cute! :)

    OMG, when i saw this post about Texas Roadhouse i thought to myself "Hey that's the exact same thing I ordered last weekend! (minus the green beans)." I love that place! And yes the rolls and the cinnamon butter stuff at the beginning is to die for!

  7. You look sooooo cute and pretty with your new short hair!!I loooove them!!


  8. Thanks everyone about the compliments on my hair and my taste in restaurants. I'm still getting use to styling my hair, and it’s not often I'll be able to not curl/fix it as it is too short to just let it go au natural.