Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guess who has good news???

Yesterday I received a call from the Extraordinary Hospital HR department, and I accepted their job offer as CNA on the surgical/abdominal/ENT floor.   I’m so thrilled and excited to be a part of the team, and I heard it will be much easier to get into the nursing internship during my junior and senior summer by being employed at this hospital, as well as getting hired after graduation.  More importantly I’m thrilled to be working hands-on with patients.  This will be a great opportunity to start crafting my bedside manner, as well as absorbing the medical setting.   
I’ve only told my family so far and have been advised by my instructor to wait to tell my classmates until after this semester is over (2.5 weeks).  My instructor said that because the CNA positions are highly sought after, my job news may bring feelings of resentment prior to finals week, and it would be best for moral to just wait it out.  So upon my instructors advice I’m waiting to tell my classmate friends of my getting the job until after finals are over or next semester when I see them again in the fall.
Although I’m thrilled to get the job, the position is only causal which means I just have to pick up a total of 16 hours every two weeks, but could accept full time hours if I wanted and were available.  My hubby and I have been making ends meet so far, but there is a pay cut we’ll have to budget around and I just hope that the census is high enough to replace the needed 20-24 hours a week that I am currently working.  I’m praying that because I nearly effortlessly got the job to begin with, that God has me on his track for my life and money and hours will work themselves out.
For now, I’m thrilled and excited that Extraordinary found favor with me to be a wanted employee in the medical setting at their hospital.   I’m thrilled that my prayers were answered for an easy interview with the department manager, especially in such a stressful time during my semester at school.  I just hope that I can build a great reputation and get a job as a nurse at the end of my schooling. 
Now I’m off to go look for scrubs to buy, humm where can I buy them online for cheaper than what I’d pay for them in the stores?


  1. Congratulations!!!!! That's so cool! If I were a manager I would totally hire you! Woot Woot!

  2. Congrats on the job! I would look into, they are having some cinco de mayo sale, and depending on the brand you choose you can find some cheap scrubs all year around.

  3. That's cool and it will be good experience. You will be great and a CNA with a great attitude makes the shifts go so nice.

    Per Diem in the hospital is fickle, one week they won't need you and the next they are calling every day wanting you to work.

  4. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats!!!!So sooo happy for you!!!Excellent news!!! :-)))

  5. YAY!!!! Congrats!!! What a great opportunity!

    Send some of those good luck vibes my way. I am still on the hunt for a CNA position myself. :)

  6. That's great!! Sounds like you're going to get some good experience.

  7. Thank you everyone for your well wishes.