Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pre-Finals Special Thoughts

Finals week starts on the 16th, and my hubby bought me a care package from my college during a fundraiser, that’s especially designed for the week of finals. 

How exciting and unexpected, which is what I love. 

My hubby hand wrote a special message on the inside of the card. 

Now when I’m eating dry cereal and M&M’s from this box for brain fuel, I’ll be thinking of him.
Totally cornballish I know, but the small things are what make my world go round.


  1. Aww, I love this! Can your husband train my future husband? He did good!

  2. AWESOME!! I may have to steal this idea.

  3. That's very sweet! ;0) Score for the hubby!

  4. Red - Thanks and it took about 10 years for my hubby to learn, and I don't think I can have him on loan that long.
    Christine - It was awesome, and go ahead and steal the idea.
    Dominique - Thanks for the compliment and yes score one for the hubs!

  5. That is so cute of him.
    And if he ever manages to design a 'short-course' on his training, sign my boyfriend up. lol