Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bug Eyed

I've only completed two days of school but feel like a big ball of work has been dropped in my lap, mainly reading assignments.  Gosh I really wish I was like Inspector Gadget where I could use my go go gadget reading abilities to get through all this stuff in a fast manner.  But then I'd need to absorb it all too.  Yikes too much to ask??
Thursday morning I had Statistics, let's just say this professor is a charm, a real charm.  He sweats profusely, during his lecturing he doesn't make eye contact he just kinda looks up at the ceiling, then he'll ask "Is that clear" yet he's not really making eye contact so he never really knows if it's clear or not.  He just keeps looking up at the ceiling.  Too funny.  He had 33 PowerPoint overhead slides for JUST chapter 1 in our Stats book.  Then he told us to read the whole chapter and start answering the even numbered questions after the chapter and to have it done by next Thursday's class.  Not liking the non-committal assignment of just doing even numbered problems until the end.  He never gave us a stopping point.  We're just suppose to do them all.  Odd, however I did get something out of his class regarding reading pie charts and bar graphs, that is I should be waving my hands in the air or doing back flips if I need his attention because he's not looking at any of us.  I'm thinking this is because he's new and not quite confident in his lecturing.
Second class for that day was in the evening called Existentialism, again assigned reading with such authors as McDermott's "Ill-At-Ease", Dostoevsky-Notes from Underground, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Kafka-Metamorphosis, Sartre-No Exit and Camus.  Now I'm not one iota familiar with any of these men who are considered Existentialists, but I do know this subject isn't light or funny or too optimistic, it's actually down right dark, depressing and kinda disturbing.  These authors and others like them according to my professor have a stance of rebelling against philosophy.  Ultimately they believe that no one besides themselves have the answers to life's toughest questions like Why are we here, What is the meaning to life, or Why do we do the things we do?  I'm finding just from the first meeting that this class will try to challenge my faith, but I won't let it.  I'm kinda torn if I should continue with this class, but then the other side of me thinks that's silly of course I can separate teaching and others beliefs from my own beliefs.  God has saved me time and time again to just let a crazy class like this take away my opinion of the one true God and his will in my life.  I'll keep you all posted...
Friday my day started with a (2) credit gym class, called Fitness for Life.  Now this class I'm actually looking forward to taking, I love to get out and being active.  The professor said it will be his goal "to make us sweat each day" and need to take a shower after everyone of his classes.  Whoa fella, now I'm all for a great workout, but don't count your chickens until their hatched with me sweating and needing showers here.  Either way he is going to expose us to organized games in the gym, walking paths, Tennis, possibly Softball etc.  During the winter months he said we will either be in the gymnasium, or the weight room doing something cardio.  He also asked us to work on a goal for the end of the semester whether it be weight loss, becoming more active, eating healthier etc.  He said if we maintain working out in some sort of way at least 3-4 days a week we can expect to get an A in his class.  No problem, as a matter of fact the hubby and I are incorporating a workout plan 5 days a week anyway.  Going to the Y each morning before work and school, that sounds do-able and I think I'll be able to manage an easy A that way.  Second he said we'll be given a final on in class lecture regarding health, and a separate final on book work.  Silliness, it's only a (2) credit class for goodness sakes.  Too much pressure already in that class, but I welcome the fitness expectations especially to break up the stresses of the other classes.
The last class I had on Friday was Soc/ Race /Ethnicity, now this professor rocks!  He seems nice and recently just moved from New Mexico, he's going to teach us all about diversity in the US, so that is neat!  With my Mexican and German backgrounds along with my marriage to a Polish man, I'm all set to learn more about our heritages.  Plus this guy has some good reads in his class, but AGAIN more reading!  Ugg.  I guess I better get use to reading huh? 
Awwww, too much reading!
Read, read, read, lots of reading up my alley this semester.  Hopefully my eyes don't bug out in the process.  Any advice from other nurses out there on how you get all this reading done?

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