Thursday, September 9, 2010


School update:  I had to read 44 pages for just 1 chapter in my Interpersonal Communications class aka Com-101, and my assignment was to post a 1 page response single spaced starting with a thesis about the chapter and then finishing with a reflection on something I found worth writing about.  My choice was CMC(computer mediated communication) and how the book said its users found this to be a positive way of communicating.  I gave my opinion that even though I agree with CMC (and choice to be lazy in my own home by texting my other family members) that it doesn't replace face-to-face communication on the whole.  After posting my response electronically I am happy to say that I got 20/20!!!  Here is my instructor's comment : Really excellent response, Rachel. Well written with a great personal reflection at the end. Nice job. Keep it up!

Woo hoo!  Feels good to get a comment like that especially when you are first starting a class and not sure what to expect.  Plus I'm a horrible communicator and this just goes to show that maybe I'm a better paper writer.

Math news:  I am enrolled in my last math class called Statistics.  Yes that's right I said last, not first not beginning but last, meaning last needed required math class of my career, and our professor advised us to purchase a graphing calculator telling us how much we'll need it in our upcoming chapter 3 covering Standard Deviation.  Now I wasn't too familiar with mean, mode, and median but I am slowly getting it now.  I was bummed because just spring semester I purchased a newer calculator for algebra and now I have to get another one??  AND this calculator is worth 109.99!  Oh my Sally, that is more money than I'd like to pay for a stinking calc. PLEASE!  Anyway, I chose to put down the green for it and as the cashier handed it to me the calc. weighed nearly the same amount as a small child because of the instruction book that came with it.  Goodness people (meaning school staff) do I look like I need another reading assignment?  I have no clue how to use this thing and after asking my teacher he didn't know either.  What good is this teacher I'm beginning to wonder.  So I've included the pics of my new expensive investment.  And I've decided I'll pass it down to my kids and tell them they must take a Statistics class in high school or college and no questioning me about it.  Hate to sound like a bummer here, but c-mon, a hundred bucks for a calculator that I'm only going to use for 4 months, is outrageous.  Maybe I'll post it on the board at school and try to sell it for $50 if my hubby agrees, otherwise I'm afraid if I hold on to it by the time my kids do get to using it, it will be obsolete.
Off to school again, see ya later.

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