Tuesday, September 14, 2010

980 or so...

980 or so days left give or take a few until I graduate from school according to the hubby.  Let's see I have this semester, then 5 more semesters, not including summer semesters if I so choose.  When my husband told me that number I gotta say I wasn't thrilled.  This light at the end of the tunnel doesn't seem to wanna come, it keeps hiding itself.

So yesterday morning I threw up out of nowhere.  Might've been the glaze icing on the donut holes mixed with the allergy pill that I took or maybe I'm getting sick.  I hope it was just the mixture of food and not the sickness.  I don't want to be sick right now, too much going on.

My daughter called me from school yesterday to say that her glasses broke, right down the bridge of the frame.  Great!  Well the frames are still under warranty but still sucks, and its a good thing I was able to find her back up pair in her room (yikes  a 14 year old girls room can be a nightmare).

Lately I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of things to learn that will be coming my way.  I think I need to get back into reading the Word, because I feel these thoughts of wanting to give up are from the Devil.  For instance, I'm not very disciplined when it comes to studying.  I suck at memorizing.  I read slowly.  As much as I make my whole study area organized it still is messy.  Intellectually speaking I think I can pick up on what is being taught, but I'm terrible on tests.  Either way last weekend when I was working I mentioned some of these things to a wonderful God send of a girlfriend who has been a nurse for over 20 years and is a friend of mine.  And she gave such words of comfort that I printed it off and will hang it up around the house and in my car, it went like this : 

u r absolutely the true heart of what it takes to be a good nurse.

Now wasn't that the sweetest thing ever?  I love my supportive family don't get me wrong, but sometimes God blesses you with exactly what you need when you need it.  And this friend said it all for me right there at that moment.  I am grateful for her friendship.

Moving on, I was just sent a pre-orientation email stating that us as students have 1 month left before our real orientation night on Oct. 13th.  They gave us a map with a terrible parking spot and quite a hike just to get to our building.  What am I gonna do in the winter when the temp goes below zero and the wind is cutting at my face and the snow is up to my knees?  I guess I'll just have to get to class early, bundle up and wear boots.  Yuck.  But I was soo thrilled to have gotten this email I felt soo excited inside.  Like its really happening, it truly is happening now.  Awwwwwww, I'm going to Nursing School!!
Tonight I am taking my hubby and we're going to the informational meeting for the Nursing Honors program that they told me I was qualified for.  I have heard it is a tremendously intense program and am concerned if I am even cut out for it.  But I guess it doesn't hurt to listen in on the meeting.  You never know if you don't try right?

By the way, where do you all like to study the most?  At a desk, on the couch, in your comfy bed, on school campus, at the library??  In my own home, I don't have a study area with a door.  So when the kids are running around or the hubby has the tv up loudly I hear it.  I try to pack up all my stuff and go into my bedroom but it slowly becomes a place where I want to nap or sleep.  I'm thinking of taking my dresser out of my bedroom to make room for my desk.  Wonder if this is a good idea.  I just think I need a door to shut...

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