Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Medical Terminology Book

I have not taken Medical Terminology and my schooling program doesn't offer it as a separate class.   They build the terminology into the classes you take.  However I've been reading on that it would be best to take a terminology class so that you don't have a separate thing to learn on top of the other work thrown at you. 
Well I'm not keen on the idea of taking another class so I thought why not look up common terms and make flash cards and learn them ahead of time.  To my dismay there are hundreds and hundreds of med terms on the internet and I had no clue where to start. 
Then I started thinking that maybe I could check out a book from my local library for med terms.  The only current copy of med terms my library had is copyrighted in 2009 and was checked out, and second runner up was copyrighted in 1984.  Goodness, sometimes I wish I lived in a bigger city with a few libraries to choose from like when I lived in the MPLS area.
Anyway, after deciding that I didn't want a book as old as 1984 knowing some new terms have been made I'm sure since then, I decided to see how much a new book cost on  Anywhere from $30 and up and I'm not liking the idea of buying a textbook without a class to go with it.
So I was pondering all of this out loud to my buddy who will be in the nursing program with me (we'll call her Rory, since I'm sure this won't be last we hear of her) and Rory said to me, "hey I took Medical Terminology about 10 years ago and I may still have my book if you'd like to borrow for the terms you can".  AAAAAAHHHH the angels from Heaven were singing and smiling down upon her at this moment.  "I said sure, I'd be happy to borrow your book".

Now I'm not one to complain for a free will offering to me from a friend but this book you gotta see.  The copyright is 1997, and it must have come out prior to boom of the CDROM because as you'll see the software that is included are on disks.  I don't think my laptop even has an opening for one of these disks.  How funny.
But I didn't care, I'm grateful for the book and the terms and I'm a flash card making machine at the moment.  THANK YOU RORY!


  1. For any of your readers who are also looking for a MedTerm book, I really like Leonard's Quick & Easy Medical Terminology. I find the self-guided learning format to be perfect for catching on quickly on your own.