Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Job Announcement

As I said in the past, “as one door closes another door opens” and my other door is leading me, to my area of interest, after I graduate nursing school…aka…the world of Obstetrics.  It was a few months back, where I wrote about my clinical time for a day on the birthing center.  What I didn’t write about, was how I called the nurse manager of the department and told her how impressed I was of their unit and how I’d love to be a part of the birth center’s team.  She was quite surprised and said “no student has ever said that before”.   This made me blush because if there’s anything I’ve learned in my short amount of time on this earth, it is to not waste a good moment, if you like something speak up and declare it!! 

Shortly thereafter I got a call from the scheduling manager and was asked to talk to her regarding a casual position coming open soon.  I headed up to her office and sat for about ½ hour just shooting the breeze and didn’t feel like I was being interviewed.  Instead I just let her know my current work history at the hospital on the med/surg. floor as a CNA and about nursing schooling etc. etc.  She made notes and told me she would call me the minute the job became available in a few weeks, to which, I was doing a happy dance inside my head.

About two weeks ago, guess what??  You guessed it; I got a call from the OB manager for an official interview.  After the interview was over I was told that I’d hear back either way by
"early the following week".  Now “early the following week” to me, means Monday, so when Monday came and went I started freaking out.  But before I could freak out too much, Tuesday morning the HR Rep. called to offer me the position.  I gladly accepted and jumped for joy in my living room!  My wheels started turning about all the exciting things I’ll be able to see and experience.  If the birth center is truly where I want to begin my nursing career after I graduate, then what a great opportunity to get a job there a whole year in advance…right?? 

Speaking of a new job, you wouldn’t possibly think that I could continue both, my other two jobs and continue being a full-time student right?  That’s right; I had to quit one of my other jobs.  Unfortunately I put in my notice to my clinic job that I’ve been at for the past four years.  The most loved job I’ve ever had in my entire life.  The work was exciting and manageable, and my relationship with my co-workers was outstanding, but in order to make new decisions for my future as a nurse, I had to let go of the one job that was a great stepping stone along my path. 

Common theme here people would be food
My clinic job threw me a party with cake (that my boss decorated) and goodies along with some flowers and a card signed by everyone.    The hardest thing is letting go of something I know like the back of my hand with confidence and entering into a world of the unknown with babies and mommies.  I have no doubt I’ll make new friends and learn the job eventually but making grown-up decisions isn’t always easy even for this grown-up.  

Anyone else having to make hard decisions with employment recently?


  1. Wow that is awesome!! You will have to keep us updated... it is no good thing you kept to your convictions and declined that other "nursing" job.

  2. I hate the feeling of leaving a job you love for the sake of moving forward, but seriously....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm doing a happy dance here for you! This is such a perfect opportunity for you, and I'm a little impartial when it comes to babies/obstetrics!

    Yay yay yay!

  3. Oh my gosh Rachel I am SO excited!!!!!!!!! I actually had tears in my eyes as I read about the wonderful opportunity that you received. It's so exciting to think that you are going to be working in the department that you fell in love with. I can't wait to hear more about it. It is so satisfying just seeing your dreams come true as you get closer to becoming a wonderful nurse. It makes me excited for all of us on this path. Thanks for sharing!! (Ha, I swear I thought your name was Zazzy, lol.)

  4. Congratulations!!! Let us all know how you like the new job! :) I think you'll love working in OB if that's your thing.
    I understand somewhat where you're coming from because I had to quit my job as a nurse to take care of my little newborn baby girl. It wasn't an even trade because I'm not currently employed, BUT I love this job and in a way, excited to find out where my next RN job will be! :)

  5. Azmomo2 - I think I'm going to be happier with my decision.

    Red - Thank you much, I'm doing a happy dance for me too! Is OB the specialty where you're heading when you're done?

    Candi - Thanks for your tears, I'm a happy camper that I stayed more towards the clinical aspect instead of the experience in public health. Zazzy is a fun name.

    K - Thank you for your well wishes, I hope OB will be a right fit for me. I can't wait to graduate and call myself an RN. Being a mom is so very important so don't forget that you're doing the right thing right now in your life. RN jobs will always be available for when you're ready to get back into it.