Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Unexpected Greatness: 5K, Hair, and Gold Medal

Last Saturday was a busy one for my family, the day started off with my daughter skedaddling to her State French competition for school where the bus picked her up curb side from our home at 5:30am.  Yikes, I’m glad my daughter was ready to go so that I didn’t have to walk outside and embarrass her friends with my morning beauty.  I told her to have a good time and speak the best French ever.  Then I came back in and went to bed for about 45 minutes only to be woken up by my hubby’s Guns and Roses alarm reminding me that we had a 5K to get ready for.

The morning was raining/sleeting and the temperature was 35 degrees, not the best running weather but after the first mile we were in the woods and out of the direct elements.  As much as I love to run/walk, up until this day I’ve never been able to manage running the entire 3.1 miles before without stopping.  I don’t really know what came over me, besides maybe the blessing God gave me with the new job but I just kept thinking run, run, run, and don’t stop.  So I didn’t and I came across the finish line 8 minutes faster than my usual pace.  I broke my goal for the end of summer in my first race of the year!  Felt good!  My hubby is a machine and finished 7 minutes earlier than me, and was waiting at the finish line to give me a hug!  Our son entered the 1 mile race and we were all happy campers when it was over.

Later that afternoon, my hubby had his annual banquet for work at a local hotel.  I really wanted to look nice with a new outfit and being a poor college student, I headed to the thrift store and picked up this blouse by Sam and Max $3.50, earrings $1.99, and tank top by St. John's Bay $1.50 worn over a black skirt by George $3.50. 
I’ve also been watching a lot of youtube videos on how to style my hair by a brilliant stylist that goes by the name of K8bryan, look her up, she does the best tutorials on hair, you can also visit her blog called the small things blog.  Kate did a tutorial of a “Knotty or Nice” look where you actually wrap your hair in a couple knots and a few bobby pins and this is the result:
I put in two knots and a little bun

After our time together, my hubby went to do his DJ thing while I stayed home watching a movie with my son.  My daughter came home a little later and with great pleasure I’m glad to say she won a gold medal for her outstanding job well done in her state championship competition.  Way to go girl!!

Gold feels good


  1. Hot mama! I can't believe that your whole outfit was from the thrift store! You look AMAZING! I also love the hair tutorial. I never know what to do with my hair for special occasions and since I'm a poor college student too, professional anything is out of the question. Congrats on the 5K and your daughter's medal too. What a great weekend you had!

  2. AWESOME!!! Great job on all fronts :)

  3. So proud of everyone! Wonderful!! You give me inspiration to stop avoiding the treadmill. :o)

  4. Red - It sure was! Thank you, I totally was in a hair funk and have been since being a student. It was fun to get all dolled up for a little while. My daughter is amazing in just about anything she does as long as it's not arguing with me :-)

    Adoc2be - Thank you, I had a good day!

    Tiffany - The treadmill isn't my favorite because I like to see landmarks to help me know just how far I am throughout my 3.1 miles, but it sure helps to gain momentum as far as pace setting is concerned. Thank you!