Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Down and One To Go

Yesterday I took one of my two finals to end this semester.  So far here's the breakdown on my unofficial grades:
2 credit Clinical = A-
2 credit Expanded Experience in SD = A
2 credit Teaching Apprentice = A
2 credit OB course = B
and the only class I have left is my last foundational class and that's scheduled for tomorrow. 
Better get to cracking my books open and get to studying!


  1. Woo! Good job! I wouldn't mind having that report card :)

  2. Oh Red thanks! I hope I can get through this next final and end with at least a B, but something tells me that I'll probably either get a B- or C+. I'm so ready for SUMMER!!!

  3. Go get 'em, Zaz! Your grades are awesome!

  4. AB Honor Roll, I think colleges should give out stickers for our cars like elementary schools do ;)
    Good for you!!! Keep it up smarty britches!!