Monday, May 7, 2012

Calm Before Finals Storm

Sunday my hubby and I went out to eat in a mine! Well it wasn't really a mine but it sure looked like one. Here are a few pictures.
Once we got into the restaurant, there were hand built rock formations all over the place.  It was a fun setting.
 The interior of the restaurant mimicked the look of this menu cover to the T.
 This looks to be a rust covered mining excavator...perfect photo op.
 One of the hubby with more of the falling down building in the background.
 My lunch consisted of a sandwich called the Miss Piggy that had a blend of four melted cheese on sourdough bread with sliced ham, and a baked potato.  Yum, I even saved leftovers for today.


  1. That cheese looks sooooooooooo good. I love cheese. Looks like a blast I would love to eat out somewhere different like that :)

  2. Girl that sandwich looks DELICIOUS!!!