Thursday, May 3, 2012

Head-To-Toe Assessment in Less Than 20 Minutes Guide

Tomorrow is the big head-to-toe check off for the sophomore students and I was asked to offer any help that I could to better organize their check lists.  Each student will be given a scenario where a patient is being seen in the hospital for one reason or another and each student is supposed to perform a head-to-toe assessment including focusing on  three areas that are most concerning regarding the patient.  All of this has to happen in less than 20 minutes.

So I scoured the internet looking for resources and I came across this gem:
This is where I found it:  An Easy Guide to Head To Toe Assessment page 5
Of course I recreated the document with a different body in the middle, but you get this gist.
I hope this helps some students just starting out in their programs.


  1. Great info thanks! Getting back into "school" mode I have to ditch real world mode and do things "correctly" again.

  2. nice! Having just finished my assessment class I wish I would have looked in to that site. Oh well - I passed and am on to other things now...but it is great review. So often we forget to do the whole body assessment when we are working in specialty areas...but it is always a good idea to check out everything even if the patient may not be complaining of an issue

  3. Azmomo2 - You'll do great getting back into doing things the "correct" way again! It'll come natural to you.

    babyrndeb - Good for you for passing, that's wonderful. I posted this to because I could have used something like this when I first started nursing school.

  4. Very cool, Zazzy! I always wondered what-all was included when the nurses were stressing about needing to chart their assessments. Now I know! :)