Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wound Care, Wound Sample, and IV Practice

Last week's skills lab included wound care, swabbing a wound to collect a sample, and IV insertion.

The only thing I practiced while at school was IV insertion and I used a butterfly needle. My first two attempts were unsuccessful but my last one rocked! I was able to get flashback on the dummy's vein. I just wish I'll be able to practice this skill on a live person. I know seniors who haven't gotten to start an IV on any patients yet. Maybe during one of my shifts at the hospital I'll be able to find a way to try out my new skill...

I promptly went home and practiced the other two skills on my hubby and kids. First I drew an oval on their sides representing a wound and took out my wound care kit and went to town step-by-step of what I learned to put a dressing on their "wounds".

I think I did well but forgot a few steps after re-reading my list of things to do. More practice is the only way to get past that. My official check-off lab will be next week for these new skills I've learned.

Tuesday will be a gigantic exam in my public health class, so I better get back to hitting the books.


  1. In clinical sometimes they let students work down in day surgery or ER for the starts! WTG!!

  2. Sounds good! I don't know how many people will be willing to let you practice on the IV. I hate getting them and if I knew someone was a newbie, no way! But I'm a chicken and most people prob don't care. Good luck!

  3. Christine-I'd love to do an internship in the ER this coming summer of '12 but am still worried if I'm cut out for it. Or if I'm smart and quick on my feet enough. We'll see.

    Dome-I'd find a way to sweet talk you into letting me poke your arm. No biggie, your chances so far are 33%. :-)