Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flu Shot

This past week on Tuesday I gave my first IM injection on a real live person!  Actually it was a flu shot clinic, and I gave 6 injections total. 


What a scary time it was for me but after the first one down, the rest were downhill. 



  1. Yes! I need a flu shot and I would let you give it to me too!

  2. Now Zazzy, You need to remember if they are going "down" to lower them carefully to the floor and elevate their feet :-)I volunteered at the flu clinic at the health science center when I was in nursing school. The med students were more entertaining. They wore the same pair of gloves the entire time and avoided making eye contact when anyone walked in the room.

  3. You go girl!! Totally a nurse now. My very first injection ever was at a flu clinic in a grocery store. I was the aide/clerk and the RN let me do hers... :-)

    Oh yeah I have to go and get a flu shot :-( Its mandatory!

  4. Thanks Red!

    Debbie-what's funny is the more I talked to the people getting flu shots the more I was nervous. I would have rather not said anything and then that probably made me come off like a snob huh?

    Christine-thanks. There were a couple times where I looked away after injecting their arm to get the band-aid and when I looked back I couldn't tell where I injected them. So I put my band-aid on anyway and faked it. Also I was pretty surprised at the people with freckles. I don't know why? I guess because the dummy arm doesn't have any and I wasn't used to it. Haha.

  5. Is that a real pic of someone that took a shot from you all? ;0)

    Congrats girl, proud of you!