Sunday, October 16, 2011

Disheartened But Not Discouraged

This semester I have seen a big difference regarding having more time to complete school work with less time working.  This has a lot to do with my hubby’s new promotion at work (thanks babe) which has taken my hours per week down from 24 to 14.  I can’t help but get my school work done earlier than usual and having time to pick up my house more often.  Unlike last semester I wasn’t a student who tooted their horn when completing assignments early because it didn’t happen much for me.  I was usually getting the assignments in on time but working quickly the night before they were due. 
I don’t mean to rub the fact that I’m ahead of the game this semester with my assignments in my co-students’ faces but I truly am happy and joyful to be on top of due dates.  Recently though I’ve decided to stop letting my closest school friends know when I’ve completed an assignment early because I’m not getting the reaction I expect.  There’s no true happiness coming from my co-students I guess because they wish they were done with their assignments too as I did last semester.
Either way dear readers I’ll divulge what is expected of me this week and what I’ve accomplished so far.
Monday 10/17
Tuesday 10/18
Wednesday 10/19
Thursday 10/20
Saturday 10/22
Sunday 10/23
Practice skills for tomorrow’s check off
Skills check off; wound care, IV, and donning sterile gloving
Medication worksheet due before class
Ethics survey due, Annotated Bibliography due, Blog posting due
Humongous EXAM for (7) credit class.
Work at hospital from 1430-2230
Work at clinic 0900-1500
Work on odds and ends of school work and spending time with the family
Go to church, watch football with family and finish up anything I missed

So far I’ve finished my blog posting, ethics survey, medication worksheet, and just have to edit my bib.  Tonight and tomorrow I’m going to work on reading over my power point slides so I’m ready to prove what I know regarding wounds and IV maintenance for my check offs on Tuesday.  This leaves me Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night plenty of time to study for Friday’s HUGE exam.  Sometimes I don’t know what I would do without my to-do list so I can visually see what I have to do and what I have done.  I just wish my co-students were as excited about my new found time and organization skills as I am.


  1. I have found that many in class together are "friends" but are so competitive that its almost toxic. Brag all you want on here, its AWESOME! Its your education and you are rocking it!!!

  2. School is VERY competitive & while your friends may actually be happy for you, it may be hard for them to show it because they're struggling with getting their own assignments done & that's probably all they have time to think about. As for your check list, I LOVE it. These last two years of school I have to admit I have kind of breezed through. I mean heck, I barely went to A & P II & when I did I was late. Every class I thought the teacher was going to say "Excuse me but you're late again! You don't even need to bother coming back." But guess what? I STILL got a B in that class. So I am really digging your checklists, because I know I'm going to need something like that when I start nursing school. Thanks for sharing it with us and I'm so happy that you were able to cut back on your work hours, it makes SUCH a difference. I am so blessed that I have a husband to fall back on as well. Thank you for your posts, I have to live vicariously through someone!!! :)

  3. Getting done early is so much more fun when you have a friendly classmate who also prefers to get things done a bit early. You can encourage each other and celebrate as each of you gets done early, but sometimes that's just not an option, so I say "brag on!" That's part of what blogs are for!