Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Shoes

Disclaimer – Timberland PRO gave a free pair of Renova shoes for reviewing purposes.

When I first started nursing school I bought two pair of shoes the first one (New Balance all white) for clinical, and the second one was (Reebok Zig-Techs) for all wear/jogging.  As it turned out the New Balance shoes were horrible, I could barely stand on my feet for the first 3 hours of my clinical.  So I switched to my Zigs which were very comfortable but not something I wanted to wear at the hospital so I was on the hunt to find the perfect work/clinical/hospital shoe. 

After I got my CNA job on a surgical floor the “norm” was to buy those plastic type/durable shoes filled with holes known as Crocs for practical spillage reasons.  It didn’t take long to realize Crocs made my feet hot and sweaty, and my back painful after an 8 hour or 12 hour shift.  Quickly I changed my mind and went back to my Zigs.

On my most recent adventure I was nearly ready to buy a pair of Dankos that retailed at $120 and I nearly pulled the trigger but decided against it.  After trying them on in the store my feet hurt within minutes so I said forget it.  I settled on a pair of Nursemates slip-on shoes that were comfortable around the house but quickly became just the opposite after a few hours on the floor.  None of the supposed nursing shoes were working out for me, so guess what I went back to…you guessed right my Zigs.

A few weeks ago I was approached by Timberland, yea you know the company that makes the hard work boots, to try a free pair of their new shoes made especially for the health care field called Timberland PRO Renova.  I have to say at first I was skeptical because my record had been 0/4 but I kept an open mind and tried them anyway. 

Wowwie-wow-wow did they not only stand the test of a couple 12 hour shifts but they far exceeded my expectations with comfort and style.  The shoes are a pristine white slip-on shoe with a little heel but the comfort was amazingly supportive through my long shifts at the hospital.  Here’s what their website had to say about the shoes:  The Timberland PRO® RenovaTM series is care for the caregiver. Combining Anti-Fatigue Technology with stylish design, it delivers on the healthcare industry's unique needs and helps women stay on their feet all day long.   Did you read that readers…anti-fatigue technology could that even be possible?  Well I’m here to say yes, yes it does.  Also if I had bought these in the store, Timberland has a 30-day comfort guarantee that states: If during the first thirty (30) days following your purchase you believe your Timberland PRO® RenovaTM series footwear is not more comfortable than other brands you have worn, return them and Timberland will refund the purchase price of the footwear to you, no questions asked, provided you still have your dated receipt of purchase.
What a great incentive to go out and try a pair of your own right?  You can view the entire collection at the following website for yourself.

Now I can go back to wearing my Zigs for what they were meant for everyday/jogging wear.


  1. Always on the hunt for a great shoe that doesn't reactivate my stress fractures, inflame my Plantar fasciitis, or make my back hurt!

    I've been using the Sketchers Work Shoes big old Frankenstein shoes... but they are pretty damn ugly.

  2. Thanks Christine these shoes are great. As long as your shoes are working for you and help with your problems I wouldn't switch no matter how Frankensteinly they look.

  3. Well I am not a nurse but they sound interesting for my life! ;0) That is soooooooooo cool you keep getting to try products! Good for you girl.

  4. Glad they worked for you! I am attempting to get in to a Bacc2 program, but currently work in retail. I walk on tile covered concrete and am always in pain. It would be nice if I could get these in black! I would pay any price for a comfortable back and legs after 10 hours of NO SITTING!

  5. Hey, I have a quick question. I am probably going to get my CNA license here pretty soon & I was wondering, has the hospital you work at been pretty good about working around your school schedule? I figured this would be the best type of job to have while in school. Both for the experience and for the flexibility (of course NOT for the pay). Just wondered how/if they work with you on your schedule.


  6. Dome-they are comfortable and you should go and get a pair.

    Anonymous-you should check out the website I posted, because I think they do come in black and my other designs. I'm sure they would work great in retail too! Concrete floor whether it be in the hospital setting or retail store is still concrete, we should be protecting ourselves from future harm.

    Candi-the hospital I work at is tremendously great about my school schedule. I'm only working casual which means I have to put in 16 hours of work per month, but can pick up as much as I'd like. There are always open shifts available. But by working casual I can commit to shifts I want and not have to work the ones I don't want. Make sense? The hospital has been a great wealth of information and knowledge that I'm learning in my schooling and would recommend any nursing student to get a job as an aide first. Plus it really helps to put you at ease with other patients before you start your clinical rotations. Let me know how it goes!

  7. I am thankful I bought mine for next's funny, I had not read this before. Must have tried on 12 different brands of shoes first.