Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kids and VB (Day 9 &10)

I have to say that I'm kinda glad this getting to know your blogger day thing is over, because I kinda lost the spirit of it back on Day 3.  Sorry but here are my last two days. 

9 - What’s something you worry about for the future?
See blog posting #3

10 - Do you play any sports?
See blog posting #6


  1. Awwwww I started two days ago at the beginning of your blog & am sad to say that I'm all caught up. But happy to see that you're still blogging. Nothing more disappointing than starting someone's blog only to realize that they abandoned it a while back. :) I LOVE your blog btw. As a Christian & an "older student" and hopefully a nursing student, I love reading you blog & living vicariously through it at the moment. Hopefully I can add nursing school to my blogs, but for now it's just prayers and dreams :)

  2. That is so funny Candi, the way I started this blog was through a fellow blogger by the name of Christine and I followed her blog from the beginning too. This propelled me into starting my own blog and accounting my personal voyage. You should check out my blog roll for other nursing blogs that are worth reading. I cannot tell you how helpful blogging has been for me to get out all of my concerns, highs, and lows through writing. I have some pretty awesome followers that are very supportive and couldn’t imagine going through nursing school without their loving comments. One day you'll be inspiring another future up and coming nursing student get through their journey by your blog too. Keep at it and continue putting your trust in the Lord.