Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple Orchard = Apple Crisp

My son was invited to go to the apple orchard with our next door neighbors and came home with 15 medium to small apples and asked what we could do with them.  I suggested Apple Crisp and my hubby did a little jump for joy!

First up, wash outside of apple and get to peeling.  These small apples were slightly difficult to hold without them jumping out of my hands every few minutes.

 Time to take out the core and slice thinly.
 Sorry for the brightness in some of these pictures, but here is the brown sugar/butter crumb mixture.
 Here I've coated an 8x8 pan with shortening, then I spread the apples, and started covering with the crumb topping.
 This is what the apple crisp looks like prior to going in the oven.
 And this is what the apple crisp looks like right after I took it out from the oven 30 minutes later.  YUMMY!
 And this was the first of a few helpings for my hubby, who agreed this was just the perfect consistency and tartness of the apples.  Oh how I love making comfort goodies when the weather gets cooler. 
Now I better get back to studying the immune system...


  1. yum. I want some. It's one of the few desserts I actually like.

  2. brownsugar and butter crumb? What is the crumb? anything else? Looks yummy!

  3. Why did I laugh a little when you said your husband did a little jump for joy. See we boys are easy to please, all it takes is a little food. :)

  4. Look at you with your busy schedule and making an apple crisp! I'm impressed! I was going to make one too but then my hubby told me the apples I was going to use would make it way too sweet. So I made butterscotch brownies! Yumm

  5. Yum! I will have to try out an apple crisp recipe soon!