Thursday, September 8, 2011

Peds and the Start of Another Semester

Well let’s see where do I begin on my information of how my first week of school has gone so far??  Let me first tell you how my shift on the Peds floor in the hospital went.  Actually I was asked to be a “sitter” for a teenager who supposedly was on suicide watch, but I saw nothing of the sort.  We just sat together and watched movies.  The one thing that turned me off from possibly working on that unit was all the nursing staff that walked from room to room “baby talking” to the patients.  Now I realize given the patient population was mostly kids this was bound to happen, but I just got annoyed pretty quickly with these ladies in their fake voices goo-gooing and gaa-gaaing; it just was too much.  Last thing I want to share about that experience was that I was a little let down that I wasn’t assigned to a baby but I know God had my best interest in mind and assigned me just the right patient so I’m grateful for that.

Moving on to my first week of school which started on Tuesday with meeting up with all of my friends and co-students which was exciting and fun.  We all just fell right back into step with one another. 
This semester I’m taking another 7 credit foundational nursing class along with a class revolving around public health (4 credits), and the last class is regarding the professional role of a nurse (3 credits).  Basically this last class is to teach us how to walk the walk and talk the talk while on the floor to other professionals, along with Evidence Based Practice and learning to write better PICOT questions and I hope it goes well.  So far all of my classes are interesting and I already am feeling busy with each class, here’s my schedule.  Monday’s off, Tuesday’s 6am-5pm (this day includes my clinical rotation and lecture all in one day), Wednesday’s 8-3pm, Thursday's 8-noon, and Friday's 10-noon.  Tuesday’s are the only day that will kick my butt but I’ll just pray that I can get all the necessary homework done for the following Wednesdays and for the endurance in general to get through the day.

I’ve already learned the technique to open and put on a pair of sterile gloves (yay one of my first skills to master on check-off day and I’ve got it nailed!)  I have to admit that the small lecture that went with talking about the operating room and the techniques used to keep a sterile environment were enthralling.  I wonder if this might be a calling for my future in that direction…I get to sit in on a day in the operating room on Dec. 5th.  I think I’ll have a better idea after that date.

My clinical rotation this semester will be on the oncology/hematology floor.  That sounds super exciting to me, because I thought about this area as being an interesting fit too.  Choices, choices!
This week I’ve been balancing my days out better in regards to making sure to make time and get my reading assignments done before class starts and not fall behind.  I think the worst fear as a student is the sinking panicky feeling of falling behind.  So with God’s help I will stay on top of things.  Part of staying organized is using my planner for daily assignments, so tonight I went out and bought a $4 planner (mainly because the school doesn’t just hand out planners for free unless you living in the dorms…dumb) and started filling in my assignments week by week.  I hope this goes well.  So far the kids seem pretty okay this week with not being able to just talk to me when they want.  My hubby has been doing a great job of answering all questions, cooking, and making sure supper is ready for them.  So I have to say we’re off to a great start.  I’ll keep praying the rest of the semester goes this well.


  1. you are so lucky to have a husband that will pitch in and get dinner on the table :)
    And oh to organization - that is such a great quality to have. So practice now with your assignments - that way when you do become a nurse you will be able to prioritize for your patients.

    Sterility is a must...and on occasion it get broken - like today when we 'crashed' a c/section patient...things were a flying...but you just gotta go sometimes and pray for the best.

    And, speaking of 'baby talk'...I hate it when nurses call adult patients 'sweetie' or 'honey' - they aren't your sweetie!
    Have a fun semester and enjoy the learning - it never stops.

  2. Hey there!

    Having worked psych.... the people sitting with the patients on suicide watch are pretty important.

    The behavior exhibited isn't necessarily what's going on inside the head, and it's those times when the patient is left on their own when "feeling better" - is when they actually follow through with the suicide attempt.

    This is what we watch for when giving antidepressants ....when they are at their worst, they don't have the energy to attempt's when the meds start working and they are able to function - is when we find many do follow through ....

    So don't ever feel like you are "doing nothing" when you are sitting for a suicide watch... :)
    You are an integral part of the treatment... :)

  3. Yay for school going well so far! I hear you on the planner...I had one last semester that was my Bible, and I ended up buying another one for this semester because it goes through December 2012...which is when I graduate!

    I can't believe I'm 3 weeks in already. Exams are starting up not next week but the following week...eeek!

  4. Babyrndeb - My husband is a great man and I wouldn't be where I am today seriously without him and his support of my dream! I *heart* him :-)
    Currently as a CNA it's a problem when I hear other aides refer to patients as their sweetie or honey. Plus it sounds so corny and insincere…not cool.

    CC - It's funny how at the start of my shift, the RN on duty made it seem that she didn't know why I was needed to sit because SHE didn't notice the patient showed signs of needing a sitter. That cracked me up, because obviously this nurse isn't the one determining whether the patient is or not, but yet she wants to chime in like it matters.

    Kendra - I try really hard to use my planner but as the semester goes on it just gets lost in the shuffle of my book bag, which then I end up using my brain to remember what's due when, but I still feel unorganized that way. So here's to a new semester resolution to USE MY PLANNER BETTER! I'll be thinking and praying that your exams go good.