Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CNA Cheat or Brain Sheets

After a while of working my job at the hospital as a CNA I have finally figured out a system that seems to work for me.  I was pretty disorganized when I first started and felt overwhelmed with not knowing what to do when and how to “real-time” chart within a timely manner.

My department is a surgical area and we have a few “cheat” or “brain” sheets we follow.  One of them shows the patient’s room number, name, age along with a slew of information like is the patient on an IV or JP tubes etc, whether they can ambulate on their own, whether they are NPO or swabs etc, also if they are high fall risk.  That sheet is quite complicated to replicate for you all, so I’m going to just show you the main sheet that I like to use the most.

My cheat sheet is pretty basic in the sense it allows for ambulation information, pt. name, pt’s nurse name, whether the pt. has had a bath or bed change, how much the patients I&O’s are and of course all the vital information.  On the top right hand corner of my cheat sheet I like to hand write all of the other CNA’s numbers of the phones they are carrying along with the RN’s numbers too.  These numbers are so amazingly important for when I need help in a quick manner, I just pull out my sheet and dial up another aide for help or if the patient needs pain meds I dial up the RN’s ext.

My hope is that these sheets help others to get more organized and to document this along my journey to becoming a nurse. 

This cheat sheet I follow for the first half of my day shift as a CNA

This cheat sheet I follow for the second half of my day shift as a CNA


  1. Wow Harold isn't feeling well ;-)

    Glad you found something that works for you. I told you all you needed was time!

  2. These cheat sheets are quite too organize, eh. Though, there are so many advantages of having one like these two.

    Thanks for sharing,
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