Monday, July 18, 2011

Books, Egg Bake, and God's Creation

Thanks to some advice from Christine at A Journey Through Nursing School and Beyond, I picked up two books from pictured below.  Christine mentioned these books would be a great tool when heading into my next two semesters with all the wonderful things to learn about the body.  I love the book series named Nursing Made Incredibly Easy because they have lots of visuals, including pictures, drawings, and cartoons.  I swear you would all think I was in grade school with how I’m entertained to learn.

Thanks to Ange at The Blooming Hydrangea, pictured below is my lovely creation of her recipe for Egg Bake.  I have to say the bacon mixed with the croutons added a special treat this summer that filled my kitchen with the homiest aroma since my winter months of cooking.

Lastly thanks to my creator of the heavens and earth and our small town in central Wisconsin…God for giving us beautiful weather to enjoy.  Notice the smooth sailing on a county highway just east of my city in the picture below.  Such contrast with the blue sky, white fluffy clouds, and the sea of corn fields with some of our town in between the two.  If we ever decide to truly move away from here, I’ll be missing these picturesque days for sure.


  1. I just ordered that Pathophysiology myself the other day. The Med-Surg book is also on my list to buy. I've ordered the pathophys and Assessment books and I'm really looking forward to them as they definitely sound like my kind of books.

  2. Ha, my Patho prof just gave that book today to a girl in my class! I'm doing really well in the class, so if you need any help that I can provide via email, don't hesitate!! I'm taking med-surg september-october, too.

    Also, have you ever seen the laminated study guides from Quick Study? I have several now (and have had several over the years) that are really helpful. You can find them on Amazon, or the company website: