Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Clean Plan

Saturday I was working my clinic job where I have the accepted approval to be on the internet throughout my shift and chit chat with co-workers.  The topic of school and the sacrifices a few of us students have to give up started, and I explained to my co-workers that aren’t students just what sacrifices I’ve made. 
I talked about how my relationship with my kids tend to suffer less on the confrontational-argumentative side and more on the neglect-don't-have-time side.  Also the fact that my exercise has decreased along with an increase of poor eating habits.  I guess the thing that’s affected most would be the house work and the everyday pick-up that doesn’t get done. 
So after hearing how some of the other ladies, similar in age, manage to keep their houses picked up, I became inspired.  I went on-line to a bunch of sites offering cleaning list ideas and one of the sites I looked at was Jen's at Iheartorganizing where she has MANY different organizng plans and made my own chart fit for our family needs.

On the main level of my home there are 4 major areas that people come and go through, 1)Kitchen, 2)Dining Room, 3)Front Room, and 4)Bathroom.  It just so happens there are four of us living in our house, so I divvied up each room and assigned one to each family member. 
My daughter has the kitchen because some of her chores were kitchen chores to begin with; my son was given the front room for the same reason.  My hubby was given the dining room. And since just about no one can pee in the toilet I decided the bathroom would best be taken care of by me.    
I went out and bought Target brand cleaners (Method) for fairly a cheap price and came home and implemented the new tasks. 

I have to say the few days we’ve been doing our new cleaning responsibilities, I think its miraculous how more organized I feel.  There is nothing sweeter than working 12 hours and come home to a more put-together home.  Amen for chatting at work and knowing how to make organizational cleaning charts.
Organizing my home was pretty easy, now if only I could organize my job duties as a CNA a little better, I’d be all set.


  1. I'm crazy organized in most aspects of my life but my house is ALWAYS a disaster!

    Grad school starts in earnest in 5 weeks. I've got to figure out a way to get a handle on this mess before then.

    Your chart has inspired me. On the list for this weekend is to make a plan that my family can live with. Wish me luck!

    (And keep us updated on how well this schedule/list/plan works for you.)

  2. MamaDoodle-isn't that funny how we are forced to make things organized outside of our own home, but when we get home and relax it just seems like the last thing on our minds is to keep our home organized.

    I'll pray that your family can move into action with your own plan for organizing.

    I have to say I'm quite pleased with the turn out of my own chart. It seems like hard work while doing it, but afterwards it's rewarding. I am pleased to turn and look around my house to see everyone pitching in to help. I just hope I can keep it up after school starts again this fall.