Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday, Baptism, and Kick-Butt Attitude

whit chocolate raspberry cheese cake

My hubby’s birthday was yesterday and my son and I baked him a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.  This dessert took a very long time to prepare than what we normally would spend on baking.  But it was well worth it, this was my first attempt at making cheesecake from scratch.

Sauerkraut, G.O., and hamb. pizza

Then like every birthday his favorite meal would be homemade sauerkraut, green olive, and hamburger pizza.  I don’t care for sauerkraut, and in years past I admit that I wore plastic gloves to spread the sauerkraut on the pizza because it’s pretty smelly and staining on the fingers like onions.  This year however, I was proud of myself for forking it out of the can and spreading it with my fingertips like shredded cheese.  Nice huh!?

This Friday my daughter is getting baptized along with a few other youth in the church’s youth group.  My daughter has been asking for the past six months to get baptized but I wanted to make it a special event for her.  Then out of the blue last week Sunday, she said she was ready to get baptized this Friday with others from our church.  (Our church is having a special youth baptism this Friday and I thought well okay then.) 
I also thought maybe I would keep this event casual and mentioned it to my mom and my side of the family to see if they were interested in coming, seeing as it was such a short notice.  Not something I usually do without a proper invite and all.  My hubby extended an invitation to our family who live in town, and also to his parents who live in Indiana.  Well low and behold after not too much consideration and a long story, we’ll be having and hosting a garage full of family this Friday.  WHAT!! This Friday is too soon with all the cleaning I should do to get prepared for such an event.
Good thing I have a strategic plan for just such a thing.  So I broke out a detailed list yesterday and completed scrubbing out the bathtub.  Yes, one thing to check off on the long list of things to do before Friday. 
Ultimately I just want my daughter to feel special and #1 on a day she has chosen to profess her faith publicly without worrying about how messy the house is.  I’m so thrilled for her and can’t wait to hear her testimony on how she came to believe in Christ; she hasn’t told me yet.

Lastly I have been inspired to lower my caloric intake to kick these last few stubborn pounds to the curb from Rena at The Redbook Experiment.  I spent a good portion of the day yesterday reading her blog.  I know I can cut out some of the bad parts of my eating habits, but won’t beat myself up if it takes me awhile.  Her writing is energetic and infectious.  Plus I’m using a weight loss website called http://www.loseit.com/ to track my progress of food intake and exercise log.  I believe these two websites along with the YMCA and my own desire are more than enough to help me fit back into the size of scrub pant uniform I wore from last semester more comfortably.  Maybe I don’t have to buy a new pair before the next semester starts after all??  Yay!


  1. Can you please print the recipe for the cheesecake? White chocolate and raspberries sound awesome!

  2. RNRaquel - I got the recipe from here: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/white-chocolate-raspberry-cheesecake/detail.aspx

    However, mine didn't turn out as pretty as the picture. But boy it was sure tasty!

  3. Have fun Friday and take pictures for your blogger friends

  4. Good luck with the diet and Congrats to your daughter! What an exciting time :)