Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fancy Free and Footloose

As many of you know I’ve not been writing much this summer, primarily because I’m not sure what to write about.  I don’t want to just write about my great chicken dinner I ate last night (although it was tasty) because I want to also include you readers on what makes me thrilled and excited in life.  I’ve been really holding my tongue lately on what I write about regarding the anonymity of the patients I take care of.  However after careful review, I’ve decided that I’m going to continue writing about the things that inspire, motivate, impress, excite, arouse, spark, and basically take my breath away whether good, bad, or ugly.    Since this blog relates to nursing and my journey, I will enfold the healthcare field right along with my favorite recipes, hairdos, kid and hubby news or anything else I want to talk about.  Nonetheless I will be more conscience of what I say, how much I say, and who I talk about. 

I’ve been feeling really drained and chained to my phone updates regarding Facebook, I now can say I appreciate the time I’m deactivated my account during my school semester because of how unproductive I really am when I’m constantly looking at updates.  I’d much rather close my bedroom door and “zone out” reading my favorite blog posts of some of the most amazing writers on my blog list.  I’d also love to take the time and explain how I’ve been lately and my struggles or triumphs during my week.

So here goes, this past week God really blessed me with a wonderful week at work.  I worked (2) 12 hour shifts on the med/surg. floor and an 8 hour shift in OB.  My hang-up with both of these areas at the beginning of summer was being reallocated to another unit forcing to get your work done in an area you’ve never worked before.  That’s another story told here, but since that dreadful night I’ve not experienced another shift like it and actually I’ve learned to appreciate my job as a CNA a little more with all the shifts I have been working.  Much is said of working with a great team of CNAs/RNs who work to better the patient and get the job done!  I love being able to get to work and not worry about picking up the slack of someone else, instead I start my own work-list and actually enjoy getting to know my patients for the little bit of time I’m actually in their lives.  Ultimately I had a wonderful Monday-Wednesday work week and was thrilled to have the next four days off, so I spent my time enjoying my time.

I’ve been able to sleep in like the kids get to each day, I watched my kids play their sports (volleyball/softball), I tackled the job of organizing/cleaning the hallway closet (which will be saved for another post), I’ve been slowly trying to acclimate myself with more heat by sitting outside more this summer (for the transition when we move to Texas next summer), my hubby and I take walks outdoors and chat, the four of us have been training for a few races this summer, overall I’ve been learning the fine art of working full-time and enjoying my family on my days off.  I think I’ll be ready for when I graduate next May and move into the world of Nursing, at least this part of it.

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