Friday, July 20, 2012


Guess what makes a sucky work day, but not as sucky as being reallocated to work on another floor?  Imagine if you expected to work at 0630 to 1430 on a Friday and expected to have Saturday off, only to get all the way to work (7 mins) to find out you actually are scheduled to work 1830 to 0630 that Friday night and go back and do it all over again on Saturday night?  Well that’s what happened to me this morning?!!  Huh?!  How does that happen??  Well it turns out it was all my fault, you see, because I don’t have a set schedule I pick up shifts here and there and finalize after many back-and-forth emails with my manager the final schedule.  However I transfer these entire schedule changes from rough drafts to final drafts to my planner by writing it in by hand, and I guess I missed this weekend by a long shot. 

What makes it the suckiest is I was looking forward to enjoying my Saturday off from work with my hubby and kids, and sometimes it’s nice to just have the same day off on the weekends.

Oh well, enough complaining and I better get back to my beauty sleep before I have to be awake all night.  

Here’s hoping y’all have a better weekend!

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