Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eye Problems

This morning after getting back from training for the Dirty Girl Mud Run coming up on 8/4, I noticed something wrong with my vision.  It’s the weirdest thing; I’m having difficulty seeing clearly.  When I’m looking straight ahead my central vision looks distorted, like a prism of diamonds in a wavy line mixed with the effect you get before you’re about to pass out where you start to see stars in the corners of your eyes, it starts off small and then expands covering my entire line of sight.  I can see through it, but yet it blocks my vision at the same time not allowing me to read or focus on things.  This has happened a few times in the last couple months, but only after working on my feet for 12 hours so I related it to being eye strain or fatigue.  Today it totally caught me off guard because all I did was run/walk 3.1 miles and watch my daughter get a haircut and then boom- it happened.  It’s not depilating to where I can’t drive but it’s awfully annoying trying to talk to someone looking them in the face or watching TV or even the computer screen.  I usually can’t read the words on the TV if there’s an infomercial showing.  The whole vision issues lasts approximately 15-20 minutes before my vision clears again and I’m back to normal.  It’s freaking me out, and I hope this doesn’t lead to me losing my eye sight!  Anybody ever hear of something like this or personally suffer from the same thing?


  1. Any time you have "sudden" changes to vision, it is concerning. I would book an appointment with an optometrist - mine was able to get me in to see an opthamologist for my eye problem (not like yours) quicker than my own MD - but then, that's here.

    Here is a tool you can check to see if your symptoms are concerning enough to see an MD:
    It's our provincial symptom checker....anyone can use.

    Hope all goes well for you!
    Take care!

  2. Thanks CC, I'll check the symptom checker out right away.