Monday, June 25, 2012

Wimpiness or Anxiousness?

I’m 25% of the way done with my Alcohol and Drug online class and I think I’m doing well.  I took my first of four quizzes and only got three wrong, not bad without reading much more than the first chapter of the textbook.  My discussions are going well so far and I actually have been learning a lot from this class. 

As far as my full-time work schedule has been going I’ve never felt this busy before.  Today will be day 3 of 5 and I’ve been working the 1430-2230 shift on the med/surg. Unit.  Earlier last week I had a shift on another orthopedic med/surg. Unit that I was reallocated for and because I hadn’t ever worked on this floor before I ended up having a very annoying and difficult evening, so much so that I nearly wanted to walk right out halfway during my shift.

At one point in my evening I got talked to sternly from one of the seasoned nurses because I didn’t answer my phone in an isolated room, she went on to say that on their floor they’re being told to answer their phones while in isolation.  Bull-ONY is what I say!!!  I’m not coming in contact with my phone or trying to find a special way to answer my phone while I’m in isolation that would be putting my patient or other patients in a compromised situation by passing along MRSA/C-DIFF germs.  NOT COOL seasoned nurse, NOT COOL! 

After this one evening I was convinced that the rest of my shifts were going to be terrible and I started feeling anxious about going to work again, to the point that I was physically ill to my stomach.  After I prayed a lot and asked my prayer warriors aka my family to keep me in their prayers, God answered and I have had a much better experience the past two nights at work.  Such a huge improvement keeps me less anxious and more tolerable towards my co-workers.  I wonder if these anxious feelings ever go away or if maybe I should see my doctor?


  1. Isn't God amazing? And aren't we stubborn?? We'll stew and fret over something for days before we finally bring it before Him. And then when we finally do and He takes care of it for us we think "What took me so long to ask for His help?"!! I'm so happy to hear that things were better. I'm sorry that that nurse was such a meanhead. Did you ask someone else about the whole answering your phone in isolation thing? Just wondering what someone else said about it. Anyway, glad to hear your classes are going good as well. Does your program go straight through the summer?

  2. Isn't it crazy Candi?? All too often I forget to add God in my plans and my plans always seem to foil without Him. I did ask around and the majority agreed that I did the right thing of not answering my phone. I think this particular nurse just didn't want to do some of her job responsibilities, hence she tried calling me. My program doesn't go through the summer, but I need a total of 120 credits to graduate so outside of my nursing credits I'm still missing 6. 3 of those credits will be this online class and I'll take my last 3 credits with my last semester of nursing classes next spring. At times though I wish the program did go straight through summer so I could graduate sooner.

  3. @Zazzy, kudos to you for standing your ground. I hope that once I get to the floors I can stand my ground especially when it comes to seasoned nurses. Almost always God is waiting to hear from us about our needs big or small he's such a gentleman and won't push himself on us but instead wait to hear from us in our own time.

  4. Christine - I work two different jobs at the hospital. During the summer I've been averaging about 36 hours per week. When the school semester starts again in September I'll be averaging 8 hours per week. What a difference huh?

    Curlygirl - thanks, sometimes its difficult to remain calm and cool headed when all I want to do is yell and scream at people. What's the name of your blog so I can follow you? Praise God for his gentleness.