Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Journal

Let me take you on a journey of my week.  First I started out strong studying Monday night, and this sheet of paper is of a case study for a patient who is suffering from hypertension.  I was excited to get to class and well prepared for lecture.  After all this writing with my scribbled answers, it turns out we didn't need to hand our sheet in, just practice.  Good, because the instructor would have never been able to read my writing anyway.

Study study study seems to be all I ever do
By Wednesday I was ready for fun and wanted to distract myself from studying for the upcoming HESI. This is a picture of my hubby, son, and me as we were sitting in our seats at my daughter’s high school auditorium waiting for a hypnosis show by world renowned Jim Wand.  I swear all those participants were faking, there's no way that guy hypnotized all those students. As I was explaining this to my family, I saw their faces reflect the looks of when a child is told Santa isn't real. Needless to say they didn't believe me and they actually think this guy is real.

Kids on stage

Jim Wand

Friday night after my disappointing HESI exam, my thoughtful hubby me took me out for ice cream and a little shopping spree to ease the pain from my epic failure.  These are my new hot pink Avia 5638 workout/everyday shoes!  I love flashy flagrant athletic shoes! 
 During my deep studying on a group research paper (group work is terrible), I decided I need a hair color change once again.  Currently my hair is dark (pretty close to my natural color) but I think it's too dark.  Funny thing is that once I get highlights put in, I tend to want to change it back to dark as soon as it grows out.  Then once I change my hair color to dark, I feel like it's too dark and drab and want highlights again.  Such a vicious cycle.  One of these days I'll be happy with a color that's just right for me.


  1.'re hilarious about the hynotist show! I like the new hair color...good for the winter, I think, and I like your curly hair! Don't worry...I study in the library on the weekends too. Such is our present life. :(