Sunday, February 19, 2012

Denied Internship

I was informed a few weeks ago that I was denied the summer internship at all of the hospitals that I applied for.  I have to say it’s taken a few weeks to recover from my disappointment which is why I didn’t write sooner.  I thought I had a better chance of getting an internship by being employed at the hospital as a CNA, but I was wrong.  After talking to my manager about my disappointment she reassured me that I would have a job as an RN on her floor after I graduate.  She loves my work ethic and passion to help the patient at all times.  This made me happy!  My manager also said she would personally contact the nursing recruiter to make sure that I’m considered if one of the spots becomes open.  This made me happy too!  I love my manager; she is just a great woman and an excellent model of what I would be striving for after becoming a nurse.

I tossed up the idea of applying to a couple hospitals in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for their summer externships but unfortunately I’ve missed their deadlines (thanks for all your help NurseXY). 

Instead I’ve applied for a community health internship for this summer.  It would be for 8 weeks and I could work in rural counties or bigger cities like Milwaukee.  I’ve always had an interest in public health and after I heard from some guest speakers this past semester about public health nursing, I think I’ve been bitten by their infectious bug. 

If I don’t end up getting any summer internship that’ll be okay too.  I’ll just fill in some of the gaps with working and taking a couple online classes to finish up my extra credits needed before I graduate.


  1. Sounds like the public health option would be very rewarding. Great news though with the manger. That is what you want to hear! just keep doing what you do and people will notice!

  2. I'm very much looking forward to hearing from the public health powers that be. I just hope this is God's will for my future.