Sunday, February 19, 2012

Successful Foley

Hey everyone guess what???  I inserted a Foley on a real patient this past week and it was remarkable and successful!  My instructor came with me and made sure I did everything correctly.  I was actually able to do a sterile procedure outside of the skills lab on a real human being, woo-hoo!  The patient was kind and wonderful and afterwards I just wanted to jump up and down and tell them they were my first Foley, but I refrained.

With this same patient I was able to do my first ever bladder scan too.  I didn’t have help from my nurse or instructor but they make those machines pretty fool proof so that’s good.

I’m so loving this semester as opposed to last semester, it speaks volumes having a great instructor willing to teach you things all the while keeping in mind that you are still only a student.  I’ve been feeling much more confident on my head-to-toe assessments, med passes, writing up orders, paging doctors, and even calling telemetry and asking what the patient’s rhythms are.  I think I might just be okay after all!


  1. S-C-A-R-Y I can't imagine doing anything like that on a patient, lol. Look how far you've come in only your second semester. Whew, I just don't know that I'd feel ready for that, but alas I suppose I will be. Still the thought is just scary! Good for you though, I know you must have felt so accomplished, like a real nurse :)

  2. Yay you! I totally get that "wanted to jump up and down" feeling. I hope you have someone to celebrate these successes with. Same thing happens in grad school, just different skills. My group of friends has been high-fiving over paps. It's so good to have someone who "gets it" to celebrate with :)

  3. Oh Candi I learned the skill in my second semester but wasn't able to try it out until my third semester. It wasn't that scary especially if you have a great instructor and God on your side!

    MD-I have such a great group of supportive friends that were doing little happy dances with me it was great. One of my classmates got to insert a foley on one of her patients too. We both were thrilled.

  4. yeah - wasn't it fun?!?! Soon you'll be able to do it in seconds :)
    I can so remember my first of many things...always scary. Think I cried after I gave my first shot!
    Keep learning - the world needs excited nurses :)

  5. Congrats!! Nothing like find the first one and doing it correctly! I would say they get easier, but man every person is sooo different and sometimes the ones you think are going to be easy are hard. Yeah Zazzy!

  6. Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it! It's always amazing to do a procedure on a real live person as opposed to the skills lab dummy! Congrats on your first foley : )I never got the opportunity to put one in until I actually started working, so way to go!