Friday, February 10, 2012

HESI is today!

The HESI exam is scheduled today and I'm nervous.  I didn't sleep well and even though my alarm was set for 0630, I woke up at 0530. 

I'm not on the "same page" as my husband which doesn't help when trying to concentrate on NCLEX type questions. 

I would appreciate all of your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes.  If I don't pass then I'll have to retake the exam and pay $41. 

Here's hoping things go well!


  1. Good luck. do you find out right away or later

  2. Fudge Cakes... I failed people! What a letdown. Actually only 4 people out of 15 passed the exam. I just don't get it, it's not like I didn't study. I totally went into the exam understanding what to expect for the NCLEX style questions including dissecting the stem and looking for distractors. I also understood the steps to answer certain questions by thinking about Maslow, ABCs, Safety, Erickson, and Assessment vs. Implementation but I still didn't pass. I'm stumped, stunned, and feeling totally rejected. What a way to slap a student back into the uncomfortable unconfident side of the fence again.