Saturday, February 11, 2012

HESI Exam #1 Results

Goodness me!  I failed the HESI and I’m devastated.  For over a month plenty of upper classmen were trying to warn our class that the exam is hard and that nearly nobody passes it on the first try.  I thought that was odd and that maybe those people didn’t study hard enough or long enough and that I wasn’t going to be like them.
I practiced and practiced NCLEX style questioning; learning how to dissect the question with the stem important words right down to the distracter answers.  I learned how to answer the questions regarding assessment vs. implementation, Maslow and Erickson’s theories, ABCs, and Safety, yet I still didn’t pass.  In fact only 4 or 5 people passed out of our entire class of 16.  Makes you wonder what the point of the exam is?  I get that they want us to be familiar with computer based exams, and learning to answer NCLEX style questions, but we’ve taken exams on the computers before and if we get and NCLEX book to practice then we’ll be used to that style of questioning.  If statistically more kids fail than pass (who are great top ranked smart students) then what’s that say about our studying or school or the level of the questioning etc.?  Does my university just want to boast about high average exam scores?  If so, they’ll have to either make the exam easier or lessen their expectations.
The cut off score was 900 and my girlfriend scored an 899, and she still has to come back and retake it. 
The funny thing to me is that even though we’ll be retaking the exam, and paying $40 we’ll be asked the exact same questions as the first one.  There’s no alternate exam, so as long as we stayed after to read the correct answers and rationale then we should be fine.
Dang-it-all I really wanted to be in the other group of kids who passed.  Oh well, I’m glad it’s over and done with for now and on to next one.  PS thanks for your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers for me.


  1. Sorry to hear that! I really don't know what the point is either. Maybe it's a cash grab.

    Or - maybe it weeds out those who are less determined.

    Yeah. That's it! Keep going! :) You'll do it the next time!

  2. Did you happen to review a HESI's NCLEX-RN book at all?

    I don't know if it would have made a difference, I know how crazy hard HESI's are, but I found their CD questions and their study guide helpful, because it contains HESI hints.

  3. CC-totally cash grab and it weeds out those less determined. I have all confidence that the next exam will go much better and higher of a score. I'll be doing my happy dance then!!
    Christine-I studied the Kaplan NCLEX review book including the chapters in the beginning on how to really understand NCLEX style questions and practiced the Q&As. I'm more upset my school chose to have us take the exam during the semester as opposed to summer or winter break where we don't have anything else to do but be prepared for this exam. I'm in the middle of learning about heart failure and dysrhythmias. Not ideal at all!

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