Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweet 16 / Sunday School Craziness

I have had a pretty busy weekend because our family hosted a “Sweet Sixteen” birthday party for my daughter on Saturday.  I just can’t get over how old she is getting, and ready to have some freedom!  She officially turns 16 next week but we’ll be out of town on a much much needed vacation, so we had the party a little early.  

It looks like someone threw up decorations in our garage

One of her “big” gifts was a chunk of money from her dad and I that will go towards a car for when she’s ready to buy one.  She was so thrilled that she was pretty much speechless and pleased.  She takes her driving test at the end of next month and I’m praying all goes well.  I’m sure she’ll do just fine; I just want her to feel good about herself and do the best job that she can.  I know it’s not easy being a teenager growing up in our micromanaged household, so a little freedom in the form of a driver’s license is the perfect thing for her.  That and a J-O-B!  That should come in a few weeks because we’ve already got her a pre-interview and a promise to be hired after all the college kids go back to school at a fast-food joint.

Then on Sunday (yesterday) our church held it's first service in their new building and my hubby and I helped tag-team teach the Sunday school service for 4-5-and 6 year olds.  The first service we only had 10-12 kids and things went pretty smoothly, we were able to follow a lesson plan about the story of Esther, sang and danced, and ended with a snack before parents came to pick up their kids.

The second service went differently, we ended up with 24 kids (and even though the room seemed big enough with the other class size it quickly became too small) and all four of my family members helping out.  Shortly after all the kids were checked in, we realized there wasn't going to be any structure.  We just tried to survive the hour long service.  My hubby sat and read bible story after bible story, my daughter was taking kid after kid to the bathroom and helping calm down upset kids.  My son was the snack hander-outer and he basically (with my approval) kept handing out animal crackers to keep kids happy, while I just helped keep the volume down and break up kids from fighting and kicking each other.

The room was small, but everyone survived
It was an experience and the kinks will need to be worked out for future Sunday's so it makes sense that I'll be helping out only every 8 weeks AND we've collectively as a family have decided to only help out during one service instead of both.   WOW!

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