Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nail Challenge Update

Okay so I know the two week challenge isn't over until this Saturday but I'm writing to tell you that my nails didn't last. However, I think, it was my fault and I'll explain.

Here is the after picture:

I liked the finish smooth and shiny
I liked how when I used hand sanitizer the gel finish on my nails didn't get gooey or "eaten" off
I liked how long they DID last (at least 3-4 days)
I liked how strong my nails were
I liked the manageability

I didn't like how precise you have to be when applying the gel
I didn't like how in order to "cap off" the edge of the nail you should have slightly longer nails
I didn't like how you buy the expensive starter kit and only have one color included
I didn't like how a new color costs approximately $10 give or take a few bucks

Ultimately I'm a "picker".  I love to pick at my nails and hangnails subconsciously and this challenge was no exception.  If the gel isn't applied exactly on the nail and some of it gets on your cuticle then you can peel it off but then you risk peeling too far into the nail bed.  Hence you risk taking off more than you expected and the nail finish is weakened.

I would love to continue using this product because overall I loved the way my nails looked, but does it hold up for the advertised two  In my experience no, this product doesn't last that long.

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  1. Hm, good to know. I have read that Gelish brand is the best for this type of gel nail polish... but the reviews also all say that precision in applying the manicure is super important... that and I think it's more expensive...

    Thanks for the update!