Saturday, August 11, 2012

2 Week Nail Challenge

If you’re like me you probably cried inside knowing that once you got to nursing school you were told no.more.nail.polish.  I love to live on the wild side and express that through my nail polish choices.  I have a bag full of different colors and top coats that my daughter and I love to wear especially in the summer months.  But I was always wondering if there was a way I could still wear nail polish during my schooling without the color being too flamboyant or the finish not chipping off (and causing nasty microscopic bacteria to grow and fester spreading germs to others).

That all changed for me yesterday.  I found a nurse working alongside me in the OB department who ALWAYS has a manicure done to her nails.  I figured she just took her hard-earned money and went to the salon.   But as it turns out I was wrong.  I was just finishing complimenting her nails again when she told me she made a tiny mistake on one of her nails.  I looked closer and saw the mistake but asked if she did her nails herself and she said yes.  I have to pause the story people because her nails, I kid you not, looked salon quality including the gel overlay that looks so beautiful and shiny.  Anyway she said she uses a gel polish hardening kit at home including a light that cures the polish to the nail.  I was so intrigued I looked it up online and sure enough I found what she was talking about.

The product is called Nailene Sensationail and here is the picture and video.  Go ahead and watch, it's fun and I have plenty of time to wait until you're done but continue reading when you get back.
I purchased my kit right after I got off work yesterday from Walmart for about $50; I know that seems like a lot of money.  But if you like to have beautiful nails and can’t/don't want to afford salon prices this is the system for you.  My kit calls for enough nail product to last 10 manicures so if you do the math, in just a matter of two uses the investment will have been worth the upfront cost.  (This is not a paid advertisement for their company either, I just am impressed.)
It took me a while doing all the steps and sitting under the light, but by the end of my process here is my finished look.  
I didn’t want to cover the entire nail with the color because I love,love,love the French manicure look and in about two weeks we’ll see if this investment was worth it.  I’ll try to do a follow-up with a two week picture so you can see the results.  
Keep in mind I work in the medical field and every time I “foam in and foam out” using hand sanitizer from each patient’s room, in times past that stuff used to eat away my other nail polish, so I’m kinda worried but excited to see if this product can stand the test.
  If Nailene works well, I'll be using it during my schooling (keep that on the down-low and don't tell my instructors...hehe)
Either way for now I’m loving how shiny and strong my nails feel after just one use.  Thanks goes out to my friend from work who told me about Nailene.


  1. Why won't they let you wear nail polish in nursing school? I'd think the bigger issue would be the chips or long nails that hold germies on the ward. Anyway, let us know if it works! I usually don't waste $on manis, because they come off too easily for me, but I got one last weekend b/c I had a Living Social deal that was expiring. Now I'm in trouble, because this one has been going strong for a week with no chips or peeling and I keep getting compliments. I can't afford this!

  2. Oh, and P.S.- I was totally spazzy and out of it this week and of course, forgot about the flashcards. Sorry! I will try and remember this week. There was just too much drama with studying and debating whether or not I should go to FL.

  3. I saw something similar at Sally Beauty Supply. I didn't buy it, but maybe it would more economical? Just a thought... That said, do you have any tips on how to keep nails healthy?! (ie: polishes, cream, oils?)

  4. I like this idea because I am a constant biter. The only time I don't bite (and yes I know that's disgusting) is when I have gel or some type of overlay on my nails. This would be a perfect way for me to STOP biting my nails without spending $20 bucks a pop for "fake" nails that I'm not allowed to wear anyway! Thanks for the share & can't wait to see the 2 week photo. Also, for those of us who can't wear a full color, that idea of the colored french mani is great!

  5. Red-I think that’s exactly why nursing school officials won’t let us wear nail polish is because of the harboring of germs, but this gel is rock solid without chips or dings and if I’m washing my hands and using hand sanitizer then I don’t see the problem. I’m on day 2-1/2 and so far no, chips, cracks, or dents. The shine is still going strong and I’ve been putting my nails through the wringer! I’m pleased as punch.

    Hi K – I dedicated my next post to your question because I thought it was a great follow-up to my nail challenge, but keep in mind I’m not a professional nail expert. So here are just a few tips that I found from Reader’s Digest: keep your nails hydrated, rub a small amount of petroleum jelly into your cuticle, trim your toenails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails, make your nails as strong as a horse’s hooves by taking 300 micrograms of the B vitamin biotin four to six times a day, and file and massage your nails correctly. If you’re wondering what I mean by all of these suggestions check my newest blog post titled Tips For Healthy Nails. Thanks for reading!

    Candi – I saw a lot of other students biting their nails during stressful times in nursing school, (most times the student would have a far off look in their eye thinking deeply and biting each nail to the nub) so if this nail system works, which I’m telling you the gel is just like in the salon, it would make a great investment and I’ll be telling all of my co-students.