Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Texas Trip - Part 3 (final)

It’s probably no surprise with previous posts that my hubby has made it known he’d like our family to move to Texas after I graduate nursing school.  Like I’ve said in the past we used to live there for a few years so we’re not strangers to the great state, however I’m still on the fence with my decision.  70% of the reason we visited Dallas was to check out hospitals and homes in the outlying areas to see what was out there.
I visited five hospitals and asked the nursing recruiters to take me on tours and answer the list of questions I had come up with.  Some of the recruiters were put off by my request and fumbled through my questions but I thought it was a genius idea my hubby came up with.  This experience allowed me to feel more comfortable unlike the usual interview situation where I have to sell myself; I switched gears and asked the recruiter to sell me on why I should choose them.  This allowed me practice when talking to these individuals for future situations in a more confident manner.  I left each recruiter with a 5x7 laminated sheet of paper with a snapshot of my accomplishments and contact information to keep on file.  One recruiter asked if she should make a copy of it so I could have it back (because it looked so fancy), but I said no it was for her records.  Another hospital recruiter said if I was licensed and ready to work, he’d hire me right away; that made me feel real good!

Pretty awesome poster I came across

 Lastly we visited six homes that were on the market within our price range and I absolutely fell in love with just about all of them.  What’s funny is the homes in the areas where we were looking are soo grand!  If you uprooted any of the houses we saw to the north (where we’re living now), you’d expect to pay double…no joke.  There was one that I especially fell in love with that sat farther back on the nearly four acre property.  I literally fell in love with every square inch of the house; as soon as I stepped into the eat-in kitchen and scanned the horizon outside I could completely imagine my kids and hubby playing in the front yard.  I imagined grandkids having lunches and snacks in the living areas.  I even imagined maybe installing a pool in the back yard. Obviously I know these properties won't be available when I graduate but they serve their purpose as the carrot dangling to keep me motivated and inspired to continue doing well in school.

Dream home and property taken from my camera phone
I have to say that my decision is closely starting to sway more closely to moving than I expected.  Thanks honey for taking me on vacation!


  1. What a GREAT idea! I googled the poster and posted it on pininterest to my nursing folders. We use that kind of sanitizer, but I find sanitizers goopy and simply wash. I'm counting the days with you :-)

  2. That sounds like an awesome adventure... and Texas sounds beautiful! God bless you with your decision and future :)

  3. I have cousins in Texas...Houston area and also Odessa...and a gf in Dallas area that is trying to sell her house. (she is a midwife in the area)

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to Texas! I have a painted cow head hanging on my office wall that I brought from there...haha

  4. Zazzy that idea is AWESOME!! I love the fact that you toured the facilities. Back only a few years ago, that is exactly what it was like. Facilities trying to woo the NURSE! Send a little thank you note to each recruiter and keep yourself on their radar!

  5. If you want advice on what areas to live in, or about schools, or hospital reputations, feel free to email me. drofen at gmail dot c0m.