Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Texas Trip-Part 2

Christmas Day our family enjoyed a night at Medieval Times and if you’ve never gone there it’s pretty cool.  From the outside the building looks like a castle, and on the inside it looks awesome and castle-like too.  Our family was handed a yellow card which signified the yellow knight to whom we were expected to cheer on through the show.  Next we hung around the lobby enjoying free refills on our soda from the bar, in our neat goblets we purchased for *cough cough* a CRAZY healthy $24.  We saw lots of swords and princess hats for sale, the royalty thrones, and of course the dungeon.  Next we were seated and served our meal consisting of Focaccia bread with tomato bisque soup for our appetizer with NO utensils.   That’s right I said no utensils!  The following meal courses included the main dish of half a chicken including breast, wing, and leg and 1 piece of rib meat with 2 potato wedges.  Lastly for dessert we had a braided apple streusel dessert and all of it tasted yummy.  During the meal we had a two hour show of sword swinging, and jousting with hand-to-hand fighting on horses.  There were lots of tricks that the horses showed off with their quick feet too.  Over all our knight didn’t win but our family was completely entertained, so much so our kids both got autographs from our fighting yellow knight. 
Quick drive-by picture of downtown Dallas on my camera phone

Yellow Knight

Nice back side shot of the yellow knight

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