Saturday, January 28, 2012

Searching for a Backpack

I’m looking for a new backpack for school.  I’ve seen quite a few styles other classmates are carrying around, some with lots of pockets, zippers, and lots of different colors.  I’ve even seen some threaded with reinforcement that looks similar to a bike lock.  I’d be interested in one that has a few pockets for all my nursing knick-knacks, something that could carry my laptop and all my books, and something that is comfortable with cushioning. 

Maybe I'm asking too much for there to be some kind of backpack out there that fits all of these requirements?  I’d like it to last more than one semester long before holes from wear and tear develop in the bottom. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. You might like the Zuca bag, (Maybe it's Zucca), Its one you can pull around, very durable and definitely roomy for all your things. Good luck on your search and with this semester!!


  2. How about a backpack/rollaboard ? Then you have the option to roll it behind you as you would a suitcase....lots of the gals I work with use those.... here are a few samples:

    I have a black one and I love it! I then have the option for carrying it on my back...or dragging behind me when my back can't take it... :)

  3. The best back pack is by llbean it's the super deluxe back pack will last you for years, I just order one can't wait for it to arrive

  4. The Life - I checked online for that Zuca bag and oh my goodness those backpacks on wheels are like $200 or more. Very cool product but outside my price range, thanks though.

    CC - I like the link you attached, those backpacks look attractive and cost effective. Can you feel the handle banging you in the back when you wear it on your back?

    NM - I'm diggging LLBean's backpack options too, and they seem pretty cost effective too. Which one did you pick out?

  5. I'm curious too.. which one did you end up with?

    For carrying my laptop with me and pockets, I like the Wenger I got, but it' doesn't fit nearly as many textbooks as I sometimes need, LOL.

  6. I haven't purchased a new bakpack yet. I'm sickened to think of putting soo much money into just a backpack. I'm holding on to the one I have as old and broken down as it is, but I've only got a little more than a year left so I hope it holds up.