Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Summer Internships??

Almost 2 months ago I filled out applications with (4) hospital internships for this coming summer.  The first hospital denied me a week after turning in the application.  I was hoping to hear back from one of the other three hospitals before returning from my winter break but I didn’t.  After I started back to school this week, I heard from friends of their being offered more than one internship spot and having to choose between the two.  Humphhh this makes me a little worried, jealous, and mad.  I hope the hospital recruiters didn’t forget about me…

This week is officially half way done and my head is swimming.  Monday went pretty good with our Transitions class.  It’s a class about the different transitions in life regarding pregnancy, birth, and death and how all that relates to the body and mind.

 Clinical will be for 8 hours on Tuesday and 4 hours on Wednesday on the Ortho/Surgical floor which I’m ecstatic about.  However I’m not thrilled with the papers and projects involved.  Just seems like a lot of work for just a (2) credit requirement. 

Thursday and Friday I have a physical, mental, and pathological health class that I’m not even sure what’s in store for me.  More papers and projects I’m sure, but at least no more skills lab learning new skills and being checked off on them. 

Lastly, I am a TA (Teaching Apprentice) on most Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings for the first semester students up in the skills lab; walking them through assessments and helping them feel comfortable and confident in their new student nurse roles.

Oh on top of all that weekly school work, I work my other two jobs on Fridays for about 8 hours and Saturday’s for about 8 hours.  Hope I’m not biting off more than I can chew so if you don’t hear from me much this semester I’m sure you can piece together why. 

After hearing the amount of work needed in the first 6 weeks of class for just our clinical days I’m not sure where I’m supposed to find time to practice questions and study for the HESI.  Maybe I’ll just do a few each night and pray that’s enough to pass on the first try.  What a humble piece of pie nursing school is giving me each semester.


  1. busy girl this semester! Have a great one!

  2. Yep, it definitely seems overwhelming at times (and heck I'm only in my 2nd week of nursing school!!). You can do it, you've already proved you can. We'll make it!! Putting you in my prayers.

  3. Have you heard back yet? I thought by the end of this week??

  4. Christine - Story of my life being busy. That's why I cherish my breaks so very much.

    Candi - Thanks for your prayers lady, we will make it with God's help.

    Jason - nope haven't heard anything yet.

    NM - Thanks, I'm really hoping for the internship too.