Thursday, January 3, 2013


It’s amazing to be called an ambassador as a Christian in 2 Corinthians 5: 11-21.  Many times I have spoken to others, of my zest and zeal for Christ without realizing there could be questions that I may not have the answers to.  That just because my emotions are electrifying would not be enough to carry me through a conversation without knowledge and truth from the Word to back up what I’m saying.

I find this a sore spot in my job as an ambassador for nursing too.  I may have the best intention to help heal others through serviceable hands, a willing heart, and empathy, but without knowledge I won’t get very far.  I’d be pretty useless.  If people rely on me for correct answers, then I better know what I’m talking about otherwise they won’t trust me and trust is very hard to work on earning back.

I had a conversation with my mother the other day regarding the way a medication worked (statins) and I was corrected by my mother (she is the patient taking this medication).  That was a humbling experience and even though she did not know the conversation had that kind of effect on me, I felt knocked off my block of understanding and knowledge.  I felt shaken on my foundational skills as a soon-to-be graduate nurse.  It was not the fact that I did not know the action of the medication, it was that I thought I did.  I could have led my mother in the wrong direction and if she did not know any better she could have believed my misguidance.
If this mishap could easily have been done regarding medication and someone's life in my hands and losing their trust as their nurse, then how much more damaging would it be to lead them astray in their spiritual life?  

I would never intentionally tell something to someone incorrectly, but because of my ignorance I’m motivated to learn more conscientiously.


  1. i feel the same way at times {in both situations too}

    the more we can learn, the better!
    {in both situations}

  2. Thanks Misty, here's to more learning {in both situations} :-)

  3. I hear that! Imagine my surprise when I realized not too long ago that I am a teacher of my children in their faith and held to a higher standard. I like the idea of ambassador.