Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Semester in the History Books

Heeeeeeeellllllloooooooooo people!  Wow what a great vacation it has been from school!  I feel like a new woman after the end of each semester.  I swear during each semester, I feel entrapped in some kind of intellectual hell that I can’t break free from or don’t know when it will end with deadline after deadline in my tunnel vision.  However after the semester comes to an end, I suddenly feel alive again.  The sun is brighter, the kids are more enjoyable, the hubby is more relaxed, and I actually have time to care about myself again.

So here are my official grades after such a crazy and almost unbearable semester:

I feel good about these grades because I was paired up with some amazing group members that cared as much as I did for great finished work and projects (almost to a fault), despite our crazy group problems. 

I’m so excited for my last semester to be over with already.  It hasn’t even started but I'll be thrilled when it's done.  Our semester starts back up again on Jan. 22nd with 6 weeks of clinical right off the bat.  We’ll be in clinical on Tuesday and Wednesdays for 10-11 hours with as many as 4 patients…yikes!  I hope the nurse I’m assigned to will be helpful and not thinking to him/herself that since I’ll be graduating in May to just leave me.

Christmas came and went with much excitement, fun, family time, and good eats.  In preparing my heart for the true meaning of Christmas, I enjoyed the message being taught at my church with a 4-week series about (Turning Your Christmas Upside Down).  But I knew I needed something more, and since I didn’t have my nose in a textbook, I wanted to put my nose back into the bible.  Reading the Word of God daily helps set my mind right in all avenues of life.  I happened upon Misty’s blog posting about a website called She Reads Truth, which has lots of daily plans to follow and a supportive community to go along with it.  I started a reading plan and have been transformed not just leading up to Christmas but afterwards as well.  My kids even gave me a new journal for Christmas.

I get to work tonight and tomorrow night with the moms and babies, and I’m thrilled.  Last week after spending a 16-hour shift working on the med/surg floor, I’ve never been more convinced that OB/GYN is my calling.  I’ve often wondered if I can’t get a job as a grad nurse on the birth center would I be willing to work in the NICU verses the med/surg floor.  I don’t think I can work with sick or premature babies, they scare me too much.  I prefer the healthy pink onesJ  so there you have it, choice 1=birth center, choice 2=med/surg, choice 3=NICU.  At least that's what I think now, this may change again in the future.


  1. A lot of nursing students, mostly women, want to go into the OB/GYN area of nursing. I compare it to the NP programs and of all the specialties many want to be an Family or Pediatric NP. Far more people apply than there are spots in school and careers.

  2. Yea, I pretty much blocked out the whole OB/GYN area for the first 3 semesters of schooling because I was given advice not to be "that" kind of nurse.

    You can read that story here:

    I was able to get a taste of the OB unit one day as a nursing student, and I.FINALLY.FELT.MY.CALLING.

    I should have known this ideation sooner, since I would cry every time I watched A Baby's Story on TLC. The miracle of birth is amazing and such a special treat, that I'm honored to witness it as often as I do in my job.

  3. I can't wait to start my clinicals. I have an idea of where I want to work but my problem is location. I live in podunk with one tiny hospital & unless I want to go into Ortho, which I don't, then I am looking at moving...I'm so excited that this is your last semester, I can't wait to hear all about it! I don't think I'll be able to sleep the weeks before my last semester starts!