Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Syllabus Schnyllabus

I started back to school yesterday and I gotta say I really missed my classmates during summer break.  Knowing that we’ll be graduating in May kind of makes my eyes a little misty.  But thinking about my future swells my heart with excitement and pride.  Overall what I didn’t miss was all the high school baloney with cliques and popularity issues.  I just wanna enjoy the most out of each experience I have before I actually have a “real” job with “real” problems.

After getting done with back-to-back classes yesterday, and being that this is my first semester as a senior I’m still shocked that instructors can write their syllabi so sloppy and unorganized.  Some of our classes are hybrid (which means some of the time we would have spent in the classroom listening to lecture is spent outside of the classroom studying or working in groups) and the syllabus doesn’t clearly state which days are in class vs. which days our outside of class.  Also I really dislike it when the instructor talks about projects, and dates and what to expect but doesn’t have a syllabus posted for us to look at.  I think they’re trying to confuse us on purpose…ugh!

Today was one of our community clinical days and because it was our first day we spent the entire seven hours inside the skills lab.  We learned about effective listening and being present with ourselves.  We practiced hand and foot massages on each other (which by the way felt amazing and I gladly accepted all the rubs I could get after my busy summer and what looks to be a busy fall).  We tried different meditation techniques including deep breathing and taking a walking journey.  I was most excited today to learn different coping mechanisms for the craziness of hospital nursing and the added stress that comes with the job.  Overall, I feel more relaxed and have a few more tools to add to my foundational skills tool bag.

Friday is promised to be a busy day of planning group projects and time slots to meet.  We also have two medication quizzes (one that’s a take home and the other an online quiz).  Even though I work both Friday and Saturday my shifts are only four hours each.  My excellent hubby once again budgeted flawlessly so this fall on average I only have to put in between four to eight hours of work each week.  That’s such a load off my shoulders to worry about especially since I have 15 credits to get through, thanks honey, and I love you!!

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  1. For some reason the syllabus is always one of those things I want to be perfect and tell me exactly what to do and when to do it. However, only one teacher a quarter seems to have their act together.
    Sometimes I think it is another test, because nothing will ever be perfect or what you really want in the real world after school.